We’re happy to announce that NYS ARABICS X1 gameworld will be started on 12.01.2022 at 13:00 UTC+0.

General Information
Server URL nys.x1.arabics.travian.com
Start Date 12.01.2022
Start Time 13:00 UTC+0
Check your local time here!
Version and Tribes T4.6 Legends ()
Map Size 401×401
Set up Wonder of the Worlds
Speed 1x speed
Relevant Timelines
Beginners protection 5 days
Beginners protection can be prolonged 3 days
Artifacts Spawn After 90 days
Construction plans Spawns After 180 days
Gameworlds ends with Natar winning After 250 days
Tier 2 hero Item spawn After 70 days (+- 24h)
Tier 3 hero Item spawn After 140 days (+-24h)
Speed Factor
Troops training 1x speed
Building upgrading 1x speed
Resource production 1x speed
Troops travelling speed 1x speed
Auction duration 24 hours
Artworks Max effect 2000 CP
Artworks and Water Bucket cooldown 24 hours
Small townhall celebration Maximum 500 CP
Big townhall celebration Maximum 2000 CP
Celebration duration 24 hours
Culture points to settle a new village Table available here
Artifacts Cooldown 24 hours
Additional Features
Troops merging and forwarding No
Quality of life update Yes (More details here)
New balance changes Yes (More details here)
Gold Features
Plus Account and Resources Bonus duration 7 days
Gold Transfer Link Inbound from everywhere
Gold Transfer Link Outbound to any 4.6 Gameworld except Tournament

Time to sharpen your swords and fight for 18-croppers! See you on the battlefield!