New Year’s Special 2022 ~ Feature Set

It was the greatest legend of all time. A dream that people would share with each other, from one generation to the next. Veterans recalled it every winter, especially when provisions were scarce and the snowstorms would howl day and night, cutting off villages from the outside world.

The legend spoke of beautiful lands with eighteen fields of crop, surrounded by rich oases. It described villages that would appear faster than ever. And it recounted that all tribes had worked together on an ultimate goal – to construct the Wonder of the World and raise their alliance banner above all others, claiming the whole world under their dominion.

But what if you found out that it’s no longer just a legend? Will you dare to challenge others in that fiercest battle for the dream? What else does the future hold for you on our New Year’s Special 2022?

Remember: Fortuna audaces iuvat. Fortune favors the bold.

The New Year’s Special 2022 game worlds will come in early January 2022. Let’s have a look at which features will distinguish them from all other worlds!

18 croppers

Yes, the most ancient legend has come true! Discover the first ever 18-croppers in the game and take them under your control!

What will this look like?

  • There will be four 18-cropper villages available in the game.
  • The coordinates of these croppers are fixed, one for each sector:
    o (25|25)
    o (-25|25)
    o (25|-25)
    o (-25|-25)
  • All 18-cropper villages will have 150% crop oases within reach.

Advanced start

This feature allows you to get straight into the action in a snap!

How does it work?

  • Your first village will start with all resource fields at level 5.
  • You’ll already own six settlers and enough CP to settle two additional villages.
  • Note: 18-croppers, 15-croppers, and 9-croppers can’t be settled with the first six settlers.
  • The first two villages you settle will automatically have all resource fields at level 5 (further villages will be settled with resource fields at level 0 as usual).
  • You’ll be granted 75% of the CP required to settle the fourth village.

Keep tribe on conquest

Once again, you’ll be able to play all the tribes in one account. The “keep tribe on conquest” feature is back, and if you’ve forgotten how it works, here’s a short summary for you.

  • When conquering a village that belongs to an account of another tribe, the village’s tribe does not change. The tribe-specific buildings are kept unless they are destroyed in battle. Your account will stay as the tribe you picked during registration.
  • When conquering a Natar village, the village will belong to the tribe of the chief’s village.
  • When settling a new village, the village created belongs to the tribe of the settler’s village.

Show attacks in the alliance profile

This feature allows you to monitor attacks including those against your alliance members.

  • If any of your alliance members are under attack, you’ll see red swords next to their nickname.
  • Hovering over with the cursor will show you the number of attacks on a certain player.
  • Which of the player’s villages is under attack, what the type of attack is and when the attack will arrive will remain unknown.

What else?

NYS2022 game worlds will also feature the new winter mode until March 20th, the alliance banner features, and all the great improvements implemented recently with the Quality of Life update. Sadly, this year, troop merging and troop forwarding did not make it to the feature set, so they won’t be available.

The NYS2022 will come in two speed variations. Arabics, America, Asia, and Europe game worlds will start at x1 speed and feature three tribes, while International NYS2022 will run at 5x speed and feature all five tribes.

When do NYS2022 game worlds start?

Save the date of your chosen New Year’s Special 2022 game world and gather your allies! Time to sharpen your swords and fight for those 18-croppers! See you on the battlefield!

Your Travian: Legends Team

:pushpin: Answering players’ most popular questions, we would like to clarify, that you need to own three villages before you can settle 9, 15 and 18 croppers in the game. Also, you will be able to collect all rewards for the quests where conditions have already been met due to advanced start.