Game balancing changes coming soon!

The year 2021 ended with the Quality of Life update, which focused on improving convenience in the game. So now the question is: How will we start 2022?

The answer is simple. We’ll start with game balancing changes intended to address some of the feedback we got through surveys and communication platforms.

The following changes apply only to newly starting game worlds from 1st January 2022.

Removal of morale bonus mechanic

The morale bonus mechanic will be removed from combat. This means that the population difference between the defender and attacker will no longer have any effect on your combat strength, including catapults and rams, as well as loyalty damage. This also goes for attacks against Natars and oases.

Please note that the building levels are still reduced when conquering a smaller player’s village. By contrast, building levels are not reduced when capturing a Natar’s village.

Changes to the task system for the spawn village

We have listened to your feedback and have decided to change a few things in the spawn village task system.

  1. Leveling up the residence in the spawn village will provide a reward at level 10 now instead of level 12.
  2. To guide players more effectively, we have added a task and rewards for celebrating a party in the spawn village.

Tribe balancing

We are tweaking the Egyptians, Huns, and Gauls with some nerfs and buffs. This is a highly complex topic, and the community has very divided opinions. For this reason, we prefer to take a conservative approach with only minor changes initially.

Tribe Value Old value New value
[NERF] Egyptians Ash Warden – training time 22 mins 23 mins
[NERF] Egyptians Stone Wall – Ram resistance 5 4
[NERF] Huns Marksman – attack strength 115 110
[NERF] Huns Marksman – speed 16 fields/hour 15 fields/hour
[BUFF] Gauls Teutates Thunder – attack strength 90 100

Nature troops’ resource drop

After the changes to the early game in March, we have heard a lot of feedback that the nature troops’ resource drop on oases is too high.

We have opted for a minor tweak that could make things better. The nature troops’ loot has been reduced from 50 per resource type per unit supply to 40.

Trade routes to foreign artifact villages

The trade route mechanic will be changed to avoid a few situations that could be abused.

The trade route creation tool for foreign artifact villages will have the lumber, clay, and iron resource disabled when the selected target is a village that does not belong to the account and is not a Wonder of the World village.

This limitation is lifted when building plans are spawned. Once the building plans have spawned, players can again set up trade routes to artifact villages with all resource types.

These changes are meant to provide a better balance between players and tribes. The Game Design team will continue to look into balancing once enough data has been gathered after these new changes.

Your Travian: Legends Team