Welcome to a new adventure in the Travian: Legends World!

Welcome to a new adventure in the mighty world of Travian: Legends, where the tribes fight for dominance and conquest!

Whether you are a new or veteran player and want to learn more about Travian: Legends, you can find links to various stuff about Travian: Legends here.

In Travian, the speed will influence the game world, e.g. how fast the troops run or how much a village produces resources and Culture Points. Read more about speeds with the handy table for existing speeds here.

Travian: Legends Knowledgebase:
Need to know something about a unit or building?  Then Knowledgebase is the right place to find this information. You can find the English Travian: Legends Knowledgebase here.

Game Rules:
That’s right, we have rules! If you haven’t read them yet, you can find them here.

If you have questions about the game, want to report cheating or bugs, you can contact our Customer Support via in-game or here.

If you haven’t joined our Discord Server yet, you can do it here. On our Discord Server, you can share your success, get help, meet other players and we have events regularly!

Game world announcement:
When we start a new game world, we will post it here several days before it starts. You can also view it on our Community Calendar here.

Hall of Fame:
When a game world will end, we will create a Hall of Fame for that round and post it here.