Tournament 2021 – Follow up – Number #04


In this article number 04, we will show some battle reports.

The accounts are now well upgraded, catapults are flying everywhere, the hammer villages are destroyed, the capitals are zeroed, battles are happening!

The reports I share are the ones that players agreed to share.

Let us see:

North West against South West: MAFIA  against G0D-G, ELI-G, PKP-G

MAFIA chiefed:  22 villages from PKP-G, 12 villages from ELI-G, 11 villages from G0D-G.

The area where the fight took place:  the red circle on the map below.

We can presume that this war’s objectives are:

Destroy G0D-G, ELI-G and PKP-G villages in the MAFIA zone.

– Clean the building plans area.

Some reports from 21st to 27th November:

Some other combat reports from other quadrants are in the next blog post.

Have a good game and have fun in fair play 🙂