Tournament 2021 – Follow up – Number #03

Hello, Travian community,

I hope you feel well since the last post!

Today, we will speak about all those players who play the final without being officially part of one of the 3 META I spoke in number#01 and number#02.

We will conclude with a little interview with those players.

Here are some data about them.

In the 100 first alliances, here are the alliances who are not officially in a META (pay attention I say “officially”  🙂  )

I didn’t put data from alliances after number 100, however, after number 100, we can note groups that we can potentially affiliate to one of the METAs, thus slightly increasing their number of accounts 😉

The 3 META have an average number of villages between 2,05 to 2,3, so those alliances are in the same interval.

About the average population, those alliances have a similar development as the 3 META.

These alliances can be expected to influence the course of the game, probably during decisive phases, such as artefacts, WWK, area cleaning.

Some will surely end up integrating one of the METAs when players leave the server and thus free up space in alliances.

Let us see them on the map :

Now, just wait some days or weeks to see which alliance they will join 🙂 or which strategy they will follow if they play without META.

Now, I say a big thanks to players who agreed to answer a little interview about their group 🙂

Let us read their answers:

Gesuell, from Fa

First of all, thank you Lydie for these useful interviews and for this opportunity.

Hello Travian Community, I’m Vince from GESUELL and leader of MNVL2.

We started for the pleasure of playing, willing to meet new people and make new friends, unfortunately, our neighbours are not so open to new friendships and are trying to zero us, without any success for now.

We think that a final with 3 meta and thousands of tech is too easy to play, we would like to try new strategies.. open new ways, our purpose, for now, is to recruit at least 30 players who want to play with not more than 1 village (we can help with catas) and make ” MNVL2 GREAT AGAIN”.

A big hug to all the nice people of the discord community.. recruitment is open!

Vince MNVL2

DarkSaga , from HR

Heya everyone,
I am George / DarkSaga, playing Travian on and off for about 10-15 years and I am one of the leaders of HR / HRH.

Our alliance(S) have been playing together for a few servers (qualifications and finals) and we are very close.

We are also an international alliance, with players from everywhere around the world 😊.

We chose to play the tournament without having to be part of a big meta just because of bad experiences in the previous years when everything turns into a sim fest that is incredibly boring.

This way at least we are fighting with the alliances around us and their tech accounts (see the area around 170|70). It makes it more fun for us (and hopefully for them as well 😊 ).

For the Travian community, I can only wish a happy weekend ahead 😊

Romuluss, from HRH

Hi, My name is Romuluss, I used to play Travian around 6 years ago, but I left the game because I wasn’t good.

I came back this year due to extra free time while I am doing home Office.

This is My first final participation. Kind of interesting, but never expected some Meta games occurred like this. We are in a neutral position, however, we need to make a decision about what do to, this is not a normal server, it’s a really strategic co-working Game. Maybe only for the money. Maybe…

In the end, I have only one feeling: if we decide to fight alone, we will fight until the end.

We must enjoy the little things. Even in the darkest night, the light always prevails


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I hope you enjoy this post giving a voice to players who are not part of a group of 1000 players. They also bring (in my opinion) a new vision of the tournament and another aspect of the relationship to the game.

See you later