Tournament 2021 – Follow up – Number #02

Hello all,

I hope all your accounts are growing up as you wish! 🙂

Here is a new post with data and maps about the 3 META playing this final server.

I took the data from the first 100 alliances.

Let us see maps

ML META has colonized a great part of the North quad. We can clearly see each alliances’ area and I’m guessing they have their own objectives according to their playing time. They cover the building plan (BP) zone and some artefacts in the tundra.

DACIA META  has chosen to settle the grey zone and to send 3 alliances in the South West. Most of the North West quad is empty.

They cover the BP zone and WW in the grey area. They are near the other two META for war in the centre (BP and unique artefact).

RUSSIAN META colonized both South quads, with some alliances in the tundra on both sides.

Now let us compare their evolution

On November 11th, I took the data in-game for population and the data in for the average village.

Here is what we can notice:


ML META has the most populated META, and their account development according to the amount of 3rd villages is equal to the RUSSIAN META. But they have less average population than the RUSSIAN META.

RUSSIAN META has the less populated META, but the best average population and the best average 3rd village.

DACIA META is behind in account development, both average population and 3rd village.

At this stage, I don’t post reports, none of the 3 META has something interesting to share.

I hope you’re enjoying a good simming phase.

See you soon for the follow-up number #03

The End