Hello community players, here are some statistics and a map about Europe 7, South-East sector.

The data was collected 3 days after the Europe 7 North-East statistics article.

South-East entire map

Let us see alliances “one by one”. I have merged on the same map, alliances that seem to have chosen the same location:

U-LOV, W-L, W-S, Squad, BIRRA: center


  9mm, 9cm: the arc of a circle passing through 100/-100

[U], NH, Hunt™, Fox: the entire area behind the 9mm 9cm circular arc 

Birds, B², K&Co: scattered in the center and southwest of the quadrant 

Here is the data on November 5th:

With graphics, it’s easier to have a look:

Evolution’s data:

Military’s data:

Personal opinion

The South-East appears to be a homogeneous quadrant.
The population averages are well grouped, unlike the NorthEast which was heterogeneous.
We have 2 evolution groups: one of 7 alliances with an average of 1800 to 2500, containing alliances of different META, and another group of 7 alliances with an average below 1500, also containing different META alliances.
There are also very few deleted accounts, a sign of stability, unlike the NorthEast which contained a lot of deleted accounts and movements.

On the military part, there are 2 particularly active alliances: 9cm and [U] in both offensive and defensive parts.
Then there are 7 very active alliances with similar offensive points: U-Lov, W-S, Squad, Birds, NH, Hunt™, Fox.
All those facts are a sign of a quadrant that will be bloody and heavily contested.
This quadrant promises to offer us some great battles. I hope you’ll enjoy being part of those 😉
I had interviewed the 13 alliances, one kindly agreed to answer. Here is their opinion :

To be continued.