Europe 7 – Combat Reports #01

War ! We want War !

Oyez Oyez

I have a little story for you guys!

Make yourself comfortable

In your chair

It will begin (nod to a French song)

The incredible adventures of Qvintex#6637

The Teuton who thought he was a Roman

I have a story to tell

About a glorious hero Conquering the Travian world.

It may take a while

So sit back and relax!

The server begins.

A bona fide Roman accidentally chose a tribe called Teutons.

The guy didn’t expect the tribe to be so easy to play!

The troops cost nothing compared to the Romans.

And then it started:            

First attack. Success! His morale instantly raised to the top for the capture of this unfortunate settler. But it didn’t stop there, because the guy found the tribe more and more fun.

But enemies didn’t like such a strong opponent, so attacks came one after another:


With each attack that happened, confidence grew in the Teutons tribe. They were invincible until the day where it wasn’t so fun anymore:


And this was the story of a glorious Roman on a teuton account.

The End


The battle for a cropper by Fabro#5425

Patience, luck and tenacity

It all started like this: Twice I caught him at night with a hero, a small army.
I work nights, so I noticed his attacks on the alliance page. The first time around, I decided to use a hero and catch some attacks (a counterattack).
After that, my neighbour was not allowed to attack anyone nearby, probably thinking I was playing nonstop. In fact, he attacked on my night shift. I have 15 night shifts a month, Pure joy! We will say that I am a lucky player.
After a while, I knew he would muster an offensive army, and the first catapults would attack me.
I waited patiently for him. One night I woke up (when I am at home I try to drink as much water as possible so I can get up and go to the toilet … ^^). I see he scouted my spawn village and he saw an army (not the whole reinforcements gathered).
He sent 4 waves on my cropper. I just moved that army from my spawn village to cropper and spent a lot of gold on the wall. It was 10/22/2021 at 02:34:16.
I defended myself successfully, so much luck on my side!

After that, I waited for him again.
I wondered how long it would take him to launch his army again and what to do when the day came.
More important: spawn village or cropper? I made a defensive army only in the spawn!
I decided to let the army in the spawn village for the night.
As a Gaul player, I want to defend myself on my 7×7, and also help my allies.

Next time was 29.10.2021, at 03:06:40.

He sent all his offensive troops. I slept, I didn’t notice the attacks. He didn’t scout before attacking and he sent fakes on the cropper.

Spawn village: first wave                                                                     and 3 waves like this one:


After that, he sent his last troops on my cropper and failed:


When Wallace doesn’t like to be under attacks by Lydie#3607

Somewhere in the South East

Somewhere in South East, a Bird wanted to steal a cropper:

It was then that the warlike and vengeful character of the allies awoke:

First follow home:

Second follow home:

Next time the bird will leave its cage with caution.


Lets go, and have fun for the Round.