CHANGELOG – Release 1312.4

Overview: Lots of bugfixes. Village overview will show proper queued celebrations durations while in Tides of Conquest we corrected Victory Points destruction on village conquer. As usual, read the changelog till the end and do not forget to save the release date in your calendar.

🛠️ Bugfixes for Tides of Conquest:

TL-10181 – Too many Victory Points were destroyed when a village was conquered by a player from a different alliance. 50% was destroyed and only 25% should. This bug did not affect conquering village within the same alliance. Leaving an alliance is also not affected and will still correctly remove 50% of the Victory Points.

TL-10156 – Natar troops taking over an inactive player’s village will destroy the Victory Points in that village, as was expected of them.

TL-10135 – Forwarding troops to an oasis will be displayed in purple (and not green) both in Rally Point and in the village resources view.

🛠️ Bugfixes:
TL-10100 – It is now possible to have a notification that our incredible Gold Starter Pack offer is close to expire, and still be able to send resources out of the village – even if you don’t buy the pack.

TL-10132 – Some players managed to get such a huge pile of resources in the hero inventory, they could no longer have more. Since we like “more”, we increased the limits.

TL-10112 – We made sure that whoever counts the duration of celebrations for the village overview, does not take part in the celebrations. Now the duration should always be correct and include the queued celebrations time.

TL-10121 – Editing village names through player profile will not remove apostrophe characters from the names anymore.

TL-10126 – Scouts wounded while spying enemy village will be properly treated in the hospital.

⏲️ Rollout plan (Downtime ~5 min)

15.11 ~10:03 UTC — International2, International7, Tides of Conquest International x3

17.11 ~10:03 UTC — International*
17.11 ~12:03 UTC — RU, Nordics, CZSK, NL, Balkans

18.11 ~10:03 UTC — Arabics*
18.11 ~12:03 UTC — Europe

19.11 ~10:03 UTC — TR, New Year Special, Asia*
19.11 ~12:03 UTC — America, Asia3, Arabics2, International4

20.11 ~10:03 UTC — Tournament Finals

*Excluding the gameworlds listed separately.