Europe 7 – Alliances’ presentation

EU7 leaders planning the round

Hello community players,

The Europe 7 server, speed 1, started on September 30, 2021. After one month, here is some data: 

18.388 accounts were created, it’s an overcrowded server! It should allow players to have battles and reveal their full military and tactical potential. Their nerves will be put to the test!

Have a look at the map:

As you see, no time to dream, action will be everywhere!

Some leaders agreed to present their alliance with a few words, I asked them some questions to get a frame, but they are free to speak about what they want:

Hello, Can you briefly introduce yourself to the Travian community?   What is the name of your alliance?

Why did you decide to go with your group on this Europe 7?  Have you ever played on a server with the new features of version 4.6? 

A quick note for the other players on this server?

How was the colonization of the map for your alliance? How do you estimate the relationship between the number of accounts created and the map’s size and the number of croppers?

Two questions to a non-golder player in your alliance or to a player who spends less than 200 golds per month: You who do not use golds or just a few golds, how did you feel your 2nd village spawned compared to the rest of your alliance? Do you think the quest system is an advantage or a disadvantage?

Let us enjoy their answers:

North West quad:   Alliance Tag: GRFTI – Alliance Name: Graffiti


North East quad: Alliance Tag: Szab – Alliance Name: Szabaton


South East: Alliance Tag: U L – Alliance Name: UollasL


North West: Alliance Tag: ULTRA – Alliance Name: ULTRA


They conquered all corners of the map: Alliance Tag: BB – Alliance Name: Barcodebrothers


South West: Alliance Tag: MC – Alliance Name: Master Chef


South West: Alliance Tag: Сокол – Alliance Name: Сокол


A big thanks to those leaders who took in their in-game time to share to Travian community 🙂

I hope you enjoy this first EUROPE 7 follow-up.

See you soon