CHANGELOG – Release 1295.2

Overview: In this update we focused on fixing various bugs. As usual, read changelog till the end and do not forget to save release date in your calendar.

🆕 Changed:
TL-10040 Mobile optimization. Touching an input field, which opens the virtual keyboard on the screen, will no longer disable mobile optimization mode.

🛠️ Bugfixes:
TL-9832 – Conducted a thorough cleaning of all hospitals. Lack of hygiene was leading to an extraordinarily high rate of fatal cases among wounded troops at the moment they arrived in the hospital. Now the losses should be as expected with good ancient healthcare.

TL-10101 – We’ve restocked the ammunition for catapults in the Rally Point on levels 1 and 2. It was previously missing, which prevented the catapults to attack even random targets. Higher levels of Rally Point were not affected.

TL-10044 – We removed completely unnecessary empty reinforcements lines from scouting reports. This should help resolve the global parchment shortage crisis.

TL-9989 – Mathematicians in the Rally Point were quite forgetful about the fact their village has a Tournament Square. We made sure they remember about this when recalculating long-distance travel times when you edit the number of troops to send out.

⏲️ Rollout plan (Downtime ~5 min)
25.10 ~10:03 UTC+1 — Europe2, Europe21, Tides of Conquest Europe x3

27.10 ~10:03 UTC+1 — Europe
27.10 ~12:03 UTC+1 — DE, RU, Nordics, Baltics, CZSK, NL, Balkans

28.10 ~10:03 UTC+1 — Arabics°
28.10 ~12:03 UTC+1 — International*

29.10 ~10:03 UTC+1 — TR, IL, New Year Special, Asia°
29.10 ~12:03 UTC+1 — Hispano, America, COM, Asia3, Arabics2, International4

°Excluding the gameworlds listed separately.