CHANGELOG – Release 1279.1

What’s coming in our next update? Find out in our changelog of release 1279.1! Don’t forget to read until the end to save the release schedule in your calendar!

🆕 Features:

TL-9952 – Recently we implemented a drag&drop feature to rearrange the villages in the list of the villages on the right of the screen. Now your order is respected by the game in other places. This includes villages overview, loyalty overview, and even village selection dropdown in the combat simulator. However, the villages will remain sorted by population in the player’s profile.

TL-10016 – We had a lot of feedback that it was very easy to change village sorting by accident when playing on mobile. So we made a change, now to enable drag&drop on mobile you first have to touch the area to enable the editing. Only afterwards you can touch and drag villages to sort them.
TL-9951 – Another issue related to the village sorting was that sitters sometimes changed the order (by mistake or intentionally, but without talking to the owner first). Because of this, we made this feature available for the account owner only.
TL-8515 – We created nice-looking custom scrollbars in the map interface, to replace the default browser ones. Guess which picture shows the new version.
TL-9975 – We added an alliance column to individual players off/def rankings in statistics, as well as to the hero ranking. It’s always a team effort.

🆕 Tides of Conquest features:
TL-10028 – Improved communication with troops that are being forwarded. Now the Rally Point in the village they are travelling from includes the information about their movement (in “outgoing” section). In their home village they are shown in a new section “forwarded troops”, instead of “outgoing”.

TL-9952 – Villages in the profile in the Victory points tab will now be sorted by victory points.

🛠️ Bugfixes:
TL-10026 – We stopped the long tradition of leaving food for the dead. Now when troops are killed, because their village was deleted, they stop consuming crop.

TL-9976 Fixed access keys to quickly switch to the next/previous village. Did you know we have such feature? See our Answers article about Access keys.
For example on Chrome on Windows pressing alt+shift+n will move you to your next village.

⏲️ Rollout plan (Downtime ~5 min)
11.10 ~10:03 UTC+1 – International31, International20, Tides of Conquest International x1

13.10 ~10:03 UTC+1 – International°
13.10 ~12:03 UTC+1 — DE, IT, FR, Lusobrasileiro, RU

14.10 ~10:03 UTC+1 — Nordics, Arabics°
14.10 ~12:03 UTC+1 — HU, Baltics, CZSK, NL, Balkans, Europe°

15.10 ~10:03 UTC+1 — TR, IL, New Year Special, Asia°
15.10 ~12:03 UTC+1 — Hispano, Anglosphere, America°
15.10 ~14:03 UTC+1 — COM, America3, Arabics2, Asia3, Europe3, International4

°Excluding the gameworlds listed separately.