Basic logistics in Travian – by Excel

– A guide to the logistics of Travian –

By Excel

Logistics is probably the least understood, yet most important aspect of the game.
What is logistics? It is the art of getting the resources needed to the places needed to reach your goals. It includes such things as moving your crop around.
Or having the troops needed in a position to take arties when they drop (yes, for the purposes of this guide, troops and even villages are considered to be resources for your accounts).
This guide is written with a moderate gold user in mind.

The Start

The goal here is to get yourself the best cropper you can in the shortest time possible.
Due to the recent changes to the quest system, I can only offer general advice.
Please look up fast start guides for more info available on Discord in the dedicated #🔰│second-village-hof channel.
Players will be settling before raiding other players is even possible due to the basic beginner’s protection of 5 days (speed x1).
So creating a large number of troops to try to raid the resources is not recommended.
I believe a few troops will pay for themselves in raiding open oases, but that will be a small number. Oases will not have any res to start with now.
Killing animals will give you some resources now, and that will be crucial in the early game.
Your hero and the way you handle them will have more impact than before.

The quest system gives both resources and hero experience.
And every time your hero levels up, it will regain full health.
So handling your hero and the quest rewards will be crucial at this early point.
I recommend using your hero to hit any oasis with animals in it that you can survive.
And when its health gets low, claim enough quest rewards to level it.
Balancing the points between resources and attack points will be critical.
As will the early adventures.

Second Village

In the vast majority of cases, this will be your capital.
I cannot stress these next points enough.
Your capital is the resource engine that will determine how well you can grow and thrive.
So you must make a determined effort to grow it and its fields.
Level 21 fields are the maximum that you can build due to the maximum possible warehouse space.
Anywhere from level 18 and up, fields can make a good account.
Strive to reach level 18 fields by artefact spawn.
This is doable, but a difficult feat.
Don’t be discouraged if you can’t make it but get as close as you can.
There are various tables out there that tell you when the “best” time to grab oases is.
They do not agree with one another.
However, any of them should be good enough to work with.

This is a War Game

We don’t always get to choose when we need troops.
Building troops WILL take away from building the rest of your account, including your cap.
That is what it is.
This is a good point to bring up what I call “troop lock”.
This is when building and feeding the troops you have, begin to seriously affect your ability to grow your account.
It is common among Teutons’ raiders and working hammers in the early game.
Avoid it at all costs until much later in the round.

If you are raiding for extra resources, please use your raiding to help grow your account.
I recommend using a full half of your raiding income for buildings and fields.
And only then use those resources to build more troops.
Otherwise, what you are actually doing is having power early, then declining against your opponents at some point in the round.
Often quite early in the round.

Building Your Account

I recommend keeping a fairly tight cluster, with exceptions for nearby croppers and oasis opportunities.
Your main army villages should be near your cap for ease in moving resources and troops. And you should build at least 1 village right next to your cap to do nothing but handle resources.
These will help not only in moving resources between villages, but also as overflow catchers for your cap. Personally, I like to have 3 or 4 of those with extensive granary and warehouse space.

Another factor in building an account up is CP (Culture Points). You get CP not only from the buildings and fields in your villages, but also from other places. In fact, most accounts will get the majority of their CP from celebrations. You also get it from task rewards and your daily rewards.
The higher you build your Town Halls up and the more parties you throw (hopefully larges), the more CP you get which leads to more villages producing resources, CP, and possibly troops.


This is a basic guide to the logistics of Travian and I know it has just a few details about the exact steps needed to build a great account.
However, it does cover most of the basic concepts and I intend to do more of these focusing on certain aspects of the game and expanding the details.
I hope this helps some of you understand parts of the game better. And I also hope you find it worthwhile enough to read my follow-up posts.

By Excel