How to Report a Player ~ Feature Guide

Were you ever in a situation when you wanted to report a player in-game but did not know exactly what to do? This article should help you out!

To give you a background story, at the beginning of September 2019, the Rule Enforcement Team (RET) took over what was previously called “Multihunting”. On a daily basis, they handle your reports and sanction accounts that break the rules on all gameworld. 

To make it easier for you to report players directly, we also introduced a feature in the User Profile overview called “Report player”

Let’s have a look!

Once you click on the “Report Player” button, you will get a pop-up where you can select the reason why you are reporting that particular player and the option to add a note. In this note, make sure you write what you have noticed and describe what you want the RET team to check exactly.

You can report a maximum of 2 cases per day. However, you can add a comment to your report to explain exactly what happened or add additional accounts that you believe are related to this player’s infraction.

Click the “Report” button once you are ready to send the information to the RET team. They will receive your report directly. They will investigate the case thoroughly and take the appropriate measures without the need to create a customer service ticket.

If you have hit the limit of your daily report, the button will be grayed out and a pop-up message will appear to let you know that you cannot send further reports.

Please be aware that you will not receive a message with the result of the investigation for privacy reasons. However, you will get a notification when the case has been reviewed.

We hope this feature will improve the process and promote fairness within the game!