CHANGELOG – Release 1265

What’s coming in our next update? Find out in our changelog of release 1265! Don’t forget to read until the end to save the release schedule in your calendar!

🆕 Features:
TL-9969 – When registration on a gameworld is closed, it will no longer be possible to activate an account, even if it was registered earlier. Previously it was possible to activate an account even several weeks after it was registered, which lead to new accounts appearing in the game, with beginners protection, even after the artefacts stage.

TL-9950 – Registering from the international mainpage will automatically add the international flag in the player profile, instead of the USA flag.

🛠️ Bugfixes:
TL-9985 – The old marketplace manager retired. The new one promises he will not forget which target you selected, even when you switch the active village to another one.

TL-10010 – Convinced the builders that a wall that covers only half of the village is not a good idea.

TL-9921 – Freed the Teuton bakers previously captured by Huns. From now on the Huns will have to use their own bakery building.

TL-9893 When the Wonder of the World village owner deleted their account, the shocked residents of the village would pack everything up and move to another spot. The Natar emperor was informed about this behaviour and has issued his will. In the future, if the WW owner dares to delete their account, the village will stay in place under the watchful eyes of the Natars.

🆕 Tides of Conquest features:
TL-9986 and TL-9928 – Implement a cooldown for upgrading a village into a city. Once you start the upgrading process, it will take 24 hours (on x1 and x2 gameworlds) or 12 hours (on x3 gameworlds) to finish it. Find more information in our Answers article about cities.

⏲️ Rollout plan (Downtime ~5 min)
27.09 ~14:30 UTC+1 – International1, Tides of Conquest (TOC) International x1 and x3
29.09 ~10:03 UTC+1 – International°
29.09 ~12:03 UTC+1 – DE, IT, FR, Lusobrasileiro, RO, RU

30.09 ~10:03 UTC+1 – Nordics, Arabics°
30.09 ~12:03 UTC+1 – HU, Baltics, CZSK, NL, Balkans, Europe°

01.10 ~10:03 UTC+1 – TR, IL, New Year Special, Asia°
01.10 ~12:03 UTC+1 – Hispano, Anglosphere, America°
01.10 ~14:03 UTC+1 – COM, America3, Arabics2, Asia3, Europe3, International4.

04.10 ~10:03 UTC+1 – Tournament Qualifications

°excluding the gameworlds listed separately.