[GUIDE] ๐Ÿš€ Fast settling raid guide for 1x speed servers – Version 4.6

The time has finally come! After 2 and a half months of testing, calculations, and sleepless nights, I’m ready to share the fast settling guide for 1x speed servers on version 4.6.


Below here, you can find the link to the guide, and also the link to make your own copy to edit as you prefer. However, I advise you to invest 5 minutes and watch this video. I hope to give you something to think about and to consider when following the guide. If you do not like videos, just keep reading. I will try to give you all the information you need to be able to customize the guide to your needs and to the situation in which you find yourself.

Before starting, I need to thank some people. Letโ€™s start with Uepos from HH and Spara from MALWARE who helped us in drafting the very first guide and continuing with Stellissima from SQUAD and Kerres from HH who have been with me from the beginning to the end of this adventure, helping with handling the accounts, comparing data, discussing the best combination and above all sending raid lists on raid lists day and night. Thank you guys!

And now we come to the guide. One really important thing to understand is that this list of actions to be taken is only a guideline, more experienced players will likely find themselves tweaking it slightly depending on the situation. For less experienced players it will be more difficult and I always recommend a sim start that is easier to follow even if slightly less effective, more than a raiding start.

This guide is optimized for Teutons and Huns and can also be attempted with the Egyptians in case you find yourself in an area with many nearby oases, but it is not recommended for Gauls and Romans as their level 1 troops are really too expensive to make a successful raiding start.

The end goal is to be able to train the last settler just before putting the last Celebration in the queue, to send the settlers to settle a new village asap.

Depending on your spawn lot, the number of hero raids, and farm list raids, we have tested that with this guide you can be ready to settle within 94/100 hours from start.

And now I have 10 suggestions for you, something like a Vademecum for this guide. I hope this information will help you make informed decisions during the very early part of the game.

# 1 – The first 24 hours of the server are essential because they establish the settling times. The moment you queue for the very first Celebration in your Town Hall you will know when you will be able to settle. If you do not have a dua, you need to have a good network of sitters to keep the account active as much as possible and the raid lists never standstill.

# 2 – At the first login, before doing anything, immediately send the hero to the closest adventure in order to retrieve the Horse.

# 3 – Check the oases around you by giving priority to the following types of oases that have fewer of the stronger nature troops: 25% iron – 25% iron/crop – 25% clay – 25% clay/crop

# 4 – Put all hero points earned from leveling up on Combat Strength

# 5 – Especially for the first 3 levels of the hero collect the tasks rewards ONLY to regenerate the health of the hero or, if the hero has enough health for an additional attack on oasis, to bring him/her to the limit of level up so that you regenerate when it is about to die, but without dying

ย # 6 – Continue to raid the oasis with your hero until it is convenient. To understand if it is convenient you have to compare the quantity you bring home by killing the nature troops and the time of the round trip travel, with the hourly production that you would have by moving all the attribute points except 4 on the Resources production attribute. When it is no longer convenient, use the Book of Wisdom found in the 6th adventure to shift the points.

# 7 – Start training troops as soon as nearby oases begin to empty and immediately start creating raid lists with oasis within 10 fields away.

# 8 – This is really important, YOUR HERO SHOULD NOT DIE – always simulate before going to an oasis and click on APPLY LOSSES to check how much life the hero remains.

# 9 – Try to adapt your game to the spawn zone, if for example there are not many oases in 10×10 it is perhaps cheaper a hoe ladder than a raid.

# 10 – Have fun! It seems silly to say, but this is the real goal.

And thatโ€™s a wrap! I hope both the guide and the suggestions are useful, if you have any questions, just comment on the video and I will be happy to answer you.

Raid Start Guide 1x โžก๏ธ https://bit.ly/1x-raid

Make your own copy โžก๏ธ https://bit.ly/1x-raid-copyย 

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