[GUIDA] ๐Ÿšœ Fast settling sim guide for 1x speed servers – Version 4.6

Following a large number of requests, today I publish the Sim Start Guide for 1x speed gameworlds. Let me start by saying that this may not be the final version of the sim guide, because we would like to test other possibilities, but as you can imagine it takes time. So don’t be surprised if in a few months a sequel “The Sim Guide 1x – The return!” will appear.

In the description below you can find the link to the guide, and also the link to make your own copy to edit as you prefer. However, as for the raid start guide, I recommend that you spend 5 minutes and watch this video because I will explain some things that could help you customize it according to the situation in which you find yourself or to make decisions in case you are not in an optimal situation.

Also for this guide, I have to thank a few people without whom it would not have been possible, starting with Kerres and Uepos from HH who created the first draft, and continuing with Stellissima from SQUAD and MicAncona from UOLLAS/SQAD who were always present for brainstorming on the data.

And now we come to the guide.

First thing first, in the description of the video you find the link to the file that you can view or download. I have also added a tab with the number of culture points that each structure guarantees, to make your life a little easier in case you want to change the order of the steps.

As for the raid guide, also this one is only meant to be a help and a starting point. I’m sure more experienced players will likely find themselves tweaking it slightly depending on the number of resources they can farm from animals in the first 24 hours. For the less experienced players, I can assure you that if you follow it step by step, in a maximum of 121 hours, even with a bad start you should be able to have your settlers traveling to your second village.

The sim start can be performed by all 5 tribes, it works equally with all of them.

The final purpose is identical to the raid guide, which means, to be able to finish the last settler immediately before putting the last party in the queue and settle as fast as possible in your second village.

Depending on the spawn area, and the number of hero raids, we have estimated that you should be able to settle between 102 and 121 hours from the start. Surely the sim start is slightly less efficient than the raid start,ย  but if you are not playing in a team, and you are not active 24/7 in the account, facing the server start with this guide is probably the least risky choice.

And now, guess what? I have my very personal Vademecum for you. Anyone who has seen the video for the 1x server raid start will probably have a deja-vu because many of the things I’m going to say also apply to the sim start.

And off we go!

# 1 – The first 24 hours of the server are essential especially with a sim start, as the resources you can accumulate all depend on the resources found by your hero before the switch of their attributes, and the resources you will find in the adventures after the 10th.

# 2 – After you log in for the first time, before doing anything else, immediately send the hero to the closest adventure in order to retrieve the Horse and as soon as your hero is about to level up to level 3 and has little health, send him to another nearby adventure to recover the resources it provides you.

# 3 – Check the oases around you by prioritizing the following types of oases that have fewer of the strongest nature troops: 25% iron – 25% iron / crop – 25% clay – 25% clay / crop.

# 4 – At the beginning, put all the hero points earned by leveling up on Combat Strength.

# 5 – Especially for the first 3 levels of the hero collect the rewards of the tasks ONLY to regenerate the health of the hero. This means, collect the rewards if the hero is about to die, and you are close to leveling, or if he has enough health for an attack on an oasis, collect them before the attack to make sure he will level up when the attack happens.

# 6 – Having no income from troop raids, you will have to resist the constant temptation to click on those structures and fields that have the green circle around, but they are not exactly what you have to do at that moment. All good things to those who wait.

# 7 – Keep raiding oases with your hero (who must never station in your village) as long as it continues to be convenient. To calculate if it is still convenient, you need to evaluate the round trip times to the oasis you want to attack together with the number of resources that he will bring home in this time. If the amount of resources is less than what the hero would produce, by moving the points to Resource Production, it means that the time has come to use the book of wisdom you find at level 6 and change the hero’s attributes. Don’t forget to leave between 2 and 4 points on Combat Strength to be able to send the hero to the adventures.

# 8 – This is really important, THE HERO SHOULD NEVER DIE – always simulate before going to an oasis and click on APPLY LOSSES to check how much health the hero will remain with.

# 9 – Very important! The first party must be queued within 24 hours of the start, if, thanks to good attacks on the oases, you reach this point in the guide much earlier than 24 hours, calculate if it is convenient for you to do some level of Marketplace or Crannies to increase culture points before queuing the party. Don’t forget that you must have enough resources available for a Small Party within 24 hours.

# 10 – If you hate math, follow the guide step by step, the worst that can happen is to hit the maximum of 121 hours for your settling.

And thatโ€™s a wrap! I hope both the guide and the suggestions are useful, if you have any questions, just comment on the video and I will be happy to answer you.

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