What’s coming in our next update? Find out in our changelog of release Polarbear 1233.1! Don’t forget to read until the end to save the release schedule in your calendar!

🆕 Features:
TL-9781 – You can drag and drop the villages in the village list to rearrange and sort them as you wish.

TL-9372 – Number of attacks/raids is now shown when hovering icon in village list.

🛠️ Bugfixes:
TL-9923 – Issue with nonexistent reinforcements blocking vacation is fixed.

TL-9758 – Fixed battle reports always displaying 0 value of “supply lost” and “resources lost” for the defender.

TL-9423 – Fixed a very rare issue where players could be charged twice for Gold Club.

TL-9855 – Fixed a small issue in statistics, where text in the villages column was not centered properly.

TL-9858 – Fixed the attack notification not appearing on the village list for ongoing attacks on an oasis that was just conquered.

🛠️ Tides of Conquest (OPEN BETA) bugfixes:
TL-9917 – Fixed and issue where villages gain extra VPs when acquired by dominating region.

TL-9922 – City popup no longer appears more than once.

TL-9889 – Corrected order of winning alliances in the victory tab in statistics.

⏲️ Rollout plan (Downtime ~5 min)
24.08 ~14:30 GMT+1 (DONE) – Open Beta Tides of Conquest
30.08 ~10:03 GMT+1 – FR1, NL10, International7

01.09 ~10:03 GMT+1 – NL, FR, International°
01.09 ~12:03 GMT+1 — DE, IT, Balkans
01.09 ~14:03 GMT+1 — Lusobrasileiro, RO

02.09 ~10:03 GMT+1 — Nordics, Asia (local), RU
02.09 ~12:03 GMT+1 — Arabics (local), Baltics, Europe°
02.09 ~14:03 GMT+1 — HU, New Year Special, Asia (region)°

03.09 ~10:03 GMT+1 — TR, IL, CZSK, Arabic (region)°
03.09 ~12:03 GMT+1 — Hispano, Anglosphere, America*
03.09 ~14:03 GMT+1 — COM, Shadow Empires, America3, Arabics2, Asia3, Europe3, International4, International31

06.09 ~10:03 GMT+1 — Tournament Qualifications

°excluding the gameworlds listed separately.