Travian: Tides of Conquest ~ OPEN BETA ~ August 3rd 2021

Have you managed to spot some clues in The Old Vulture’s Nest? We have read some really interesting theories on Discord that would make the most prestigious detectives proud!

Don’t worry, if you are still clueless, we will provide all the info you need on July 26th. We will release the full Travian: Tides of Conquest feature set just in time for… the OPEN BETA!

On August 3rd, 2021 (14:00 UTC+1) you will be able to experience first-hand the new features of Travian: Tides of Conquest in our OPEN BETA gameworld.

As always, we encourage you to join this round and share as much feedback as possible on Discord! This will allow us to prepare a perfect environment for your battles in September.

Keep an eye out for the exact setup of the Open Beta gameworld. We will share more info soon, but for now… save the date on your calendar!