Travian: Tides of Conquest ~ Feature Set Preview

The lands that never sleep. The times when victory and defeat walk side by side. The war where former allies become the fiercest foes in the blink of an eye and where former rivals sacrifice everything for their new friends.

Will you dare to set foot here? Will you be the one who will fight to the end?

This is the road of Travian: Tides of Conquest. The road to immortality.

Still, we do not want you to set out on this road unprepared! We have gathered everything that awaits you and which differs from your normal Travian: Legends experience.

Victory points in villages

Victory Points

The Annual Special 2021 will give rise to completely new strategies to fight for victory due to a major change in how victory points are earned.

Annual Specials before 2021 Annual Special in 2021
The alliance dominates the region. The alliance dominates the region.
The alliance gains victory points for controlling the region. Villages of the dominating alliance in that region gain victory points. The alliance’s victory points are the sum of victory points held in the villages.
Once gained, victory points cannot be lost, conquered or destroyed. The alliance’s victory points can be lost, conquered or destroyed.

Gained victory points depend on the village population and alliance presence in the region.

  • The bigger your village is compared to the total population of your alliance in the region, the more victory points it will gain per day. You can see how many points are held in a certain village in the village overview, the statistics and the player profile.
  • Only villages that belong to the dominating alliance in the region gain victory points.
  • The formula is as follows: Village population / Sum of all villages’ population * Victory points produced by this region.


Alliance ABC controls the region Alalie, which produces 1,200 points per day. The alliance has 10 villages there: 5x 1,000 population, 5x 500 population.

The alliance population in Alalie is therefore: 1000 * 5 + 500 * 5 = 7,500 inhabitants.

Each village with 1,000 population will gain the following number of victory points: 1,000 / 7,500 * 1,200 = 160 victory points per day.

Each village with 500 population will gain the following number of victory points: 500 / 7,500 * 1,200 = 80 victory points per day.

Regions produce more victory points. We have increased the number of victory points generated by all regions and made it the same on all speed versions. Here you can find the map with the updated values.

The alliance’s victory points are the sum of all points held in all villages of this alliance. Therefore, what happens with the players’ villages directly affects the victory points of the alliance.

Action Result
A player’s village is conquered by someone outside of the alliance. The village loses 25% of the accumulated points. The alliance loses all the points that were held in that village. The rest of the points are counted for the new owner of the village.
A player leaves the alliance. All the player’s villages lose 50% of the accumulated points. The alliance loses all the points that were held in those villages.
A player joins another alliance. The new alliance gains all the points that are held in the villages at the moment the player joins.
A player’s village is destroyed. The village (and alliance) loses all the victory points that were held in that village.
A player deletes their account. The alliance loses all the points that were held in those villages.
A player’s village is conquered by someone within the same alliance. All victory points stay in the village.
The alliance loses control over the region. All victory points stay in the village. A village stops gaining new points.

The alliance that has the most victory points at the end of the game wins.



You can upgrade your village to a city.

  • The city gains 3 additional building slots.
  • Resource fields can be upgraded to level 12 in non-capital cities.
  • Walls can be upgraded with Watchtowers which give an additional bonus to the Rally Point option to see enemy unit types.
  • The Watchtower is not a separate building, but a wall extension, which can be upgraded up to level 20. Each level of the Watchtower increases the Rally Point bonus by 3 per level.
  • Watchtowers cannot be damaged directly, but if the walls are completely destroyed, the Watchtowers are destroyed too.
  • Plus, Waterworks can only be built in Egyptian cities (including the capital if the capital is a city). This change was based on the Ambassadors’ suggestion regarding tribe balancing.

Example: A Rally Point at level 20 allows you to see enemy unit types of attacking armies with fewer than 20 units.

A fully upgraded Watchtower at level 20 with a Rally Point level 20 will allow you to see as follows: 20 (Rally Point) + 20 * 3 (Watchtower) – 1 = up to 79 units.

How can I build a city?

Villages can be upgraded into a city with a Townhall at level 20. The city also requires 2 settlement slots.

What’s a settlement slot?

It’s the new name for an old mechanic: the culture points requirement for new villages. Every time you get enough culture points for the next village, you gain a new settlement slot.

Do I need 2 settlement slots to conquer a city?

In total, the city will use 2 settlement slots: one to settle a village and another one to convert it to a city. However, you are able to conquer another player’s city even if you only have one free settlement slot at the time. The game will block the next slot once you conquer the city.

So it’s not possible to protect a village from being conquered by changing it into a city at the last second.

Can I downgrade a city back into a village?

No, once the village has turned into the city, this action cannot be reversed.

Alliance banners

Banner Generator

Each alliance will have a banner that’s displayed in the alliance profile, the statistics and the victory page. The alliance banner generator is available for each member of the alliance, who can create a banner and then submit it to the leadership. The leadership chooses which banner will be used as the alliance’s official banner.

The banner can be changed at any time and as many times as players want.

*The feature may not be available on the beta and may appear only on servers that start in September.



  • The map.sql file will contain information on whether the settlement is a city, a capital and how many victory points it holds.
  • Various statistical and graphic improvements have been implemented to reflect the annual special changes.

And that’s a wrap!

We hope you enjoyed the read! Join the discussion on Discord and tell us what is the most exciting feature that you cannot wait to try out in our OPEN BETA!