GAME UPDATE ~ New Task System Balancing Changes ~ July 19th 2021

Dear community, 

Based on the Ambassadors’ feedback, we are going to tweak the New Task System on gameworlds that will start after July 19th, 2021. 

What we call the “New Task System” was released at the beginning of this year and it is now used on all 4.6 gameworlds. Since its implementation, we have been closely analyzing the effects it has on the gameplay and we have already made a few adjustments in the past months. 

After discussing with the Ambassadors, we have decided that it needs some further tweaking. As a result, we will lower experience hero gain for completing the tasks.  

On gameworlds starting after July 19th, 2021 the experience rewards for all tasks will be around 40% lower than beforeFor example, if the reward used to be 220 XP for a specific task, it will be 132 XP on new gameworlds for the same task on the same hero level. 

We hope this change will have a positive impact on your gameplay. As always, a special thank you to you and the Ambassadors for the constructive feedback. 

Your Travian: Legends Team