Dear community,

By gathering your feedback regarding the balancing changes to the task system announced here, we made the decision to cancel the planned update.

Our primary goal was to reduce the gap between the fastest settled villages and regular settling times for the sake of balance and fairness.

However, after our announcement, we received many concerned messages both from Ambassadors and regular players regarding some potential side effects of this change (i.e. making the early game too boring and too dependent on oases farm and spawn surrounding). Therefore, we decided to take some time to analyze our further steps in that direction, in order to reach the expected results without having a negative impact on other mentioned aspects of the game. We will also re-discuss the changes with our Ambassadors on one of the upcoming workshops.

Once again we want to thank you for your feedback and for your passion for the game, which helps us to make it better for you! We will keep you posted.

Your Travian: Legends team