The Lies and the Weasels – Episode 5 – The Bond


Although weasels can dig their own burrows quite quickly, they sometimes take over
other animals’ burrows and make them their own.
Most weasels are secretive loners that prefer to lead a nocturnal life,
but they are fully capable of hunting during the day if needed.

Since then, Cassius and the Weasel developed a strange bond. The boy could not clearly explain to himself what made him put all his plans aside and rush to the hunting hut, whenever he received a note from the old assassin. Not a single word, just a sign of the Weasel meaning that his new acquaintance was waiting for him – at the same place and the same time.

These meetings were even stranger. If the weather was fine, the Weasel would teach the boy the southern fencing technique, and they would spend the whole day outside mastering the movements. On other occasions, Cassius was taught to move silently, to recognize hidden threats and to find ways out of unknown places. On rainy or extremely cold days, they would just sit in the hut near the fireplace and cook the mint drink that the Weasel especially loved. Only years later did Cassius realize what was so valuable in those short visits: honesty.
It was the first time in his life that he met someone he had no secrets from and who he could talk to about anything.

“Why didn’t you kill me during our first meeting and why did you keep coming here?” Cassius once asked after another short but furious battle, when the boy’s sword had gained its own will as it so often did, slipping out of his hands and nearly missing the tree. “You don’t look like someone who keeps witnesses.”
The Weasel laughed and sat down on the stairs waiting for the boy who was gathering his belongings.
“Clever kid,” he tried to put a fierce expression on his face but failed and laughed again. “And brave if you dare to ask an assassin such questions.”

“Oh, don’t try to scare me now.” Cassius sat next to him, wiping sweat from his forehead. “You had so many options to do that, starting from our first meeting and ending with right now, and yet I am still alive. So, why?”
“Like I said, I do not kill kids.” The Weasel said. “So, I’m just waiting for when you become an adult to get rid of the witness.”
There was a long pause and Cassius even thought that the Weasel would not continue. “On a more serious note, though… You remind me of someone. Someone who was young, naive, ambitious and who believed that he knew exactly what he wanted from this life and what he was born to do.”
“And what is so wrong in that?” Cassius shrugged his shoulders. “Isn’t it what makes people achieve their goals?”
“It is, indeed. But not many young boys dream to become famous assassins.” The Weasel stood up and Cassius realized that the conversation was over. “In most cases, this happens because of the errors they made.”