What’s coming in our next update? Find out in our changelog of release Polarbear 1152.4. Don’t forget to read until the end to save the release schedule in your calendar!

🆕 Features:
TL-9594 – Only on newly starting gameworlds: Conquering your own village does not affect the status of that village’s tasks and rewards anymore.

TL-8845 – Punishment of messages/profile editing ban is applied also when sitting.

TL-9486 – Forum links were replaced by discord links throughout the whole game.

TL-9095 – Tribe icons are now displayed in the statistics

🛠️ Bugfixes:
TL-9577 – Fixed bug where Natars could upgrade walls

TL-8924 – Fixed the grey dot/ unit icon link in Village overview > Troops > Smithy. They link to the Smithy in the village now, if it exists.

TL-9531 – Fixed some issue with villages names that included “&” character.

TL-9604 – Mobile version: Sidebar now collapses properly when coordinates link is used

TL-9438 – “Applying losses” in the combat simulator now also removes wounded, not only units that were killed.

TL-9157 – Mobile: Fixed an issue where the left sidebar was closed after touching on the delete icon of an infobox.

TL-9402 – Fixed an issue related to top10 climbers ranking, especially relevant when there are many new players starting in the same week. Let’s say there are 2 players who registered on the same week and they end the week with the same population. Now the one who registered later will be higher in the top10 climbers ranking, because it’s a bigger achievement to get the same population in shorter time.

TL-9376 – Culture Points statistics were not including hero items if the hero’s home village was in the grey zone. This is now fixed. The real production was not affected.

TL-9489 – Defender troop casualties are now always properly hidden in battle report shown to attacker when defender troop casualties are below to 25%.

TL-9533 – Fixed the One Time Offer notification message and shop indicator pop up only appearing for a brief moment.

TL-9026 Fixed an issue when a player quit alliance and supporting units from the confederacy were returned immediately, without the 12 hour countdown.

⏲️ Rollout plan (Downtime ~30 min)

29.06 ~11:03 GMT+2 — RO4, PL2, FR1

1.07 ~11:03 GMT+2 — RO, PL, FR
1.07 ~13:03 GMT+2 — DE, Balkans, NL
1.07 ~15:03 GMT+2 — IT, Lusobrasileiro

2.07 ~11:03 GMT+2 — Nordics, Asia (local), RU
2.07 ~13:03 GMT+2 — Arabics (local), Baltics, Europe°
2.07 ~15:03 GMT+2 — HU, Asia (region)°, NYS

6.07 ~11:03 GMT+2 — TR, IL, CZSK, Arabics (region)°
6.07 ~13:03 GMT+2 — Hispano, Anglosphere, America°
6.07 ~15:03 GMT+2 — COM, International, America2, America30, Arabics2, Asia3, Asia50, Europe3

7.07 ~11:03 GMT+2 – Tournament servers

°excluding the gameworlds listed separately