Travian Tournament 2021 ~ Qualification Rounds on June 16th 2021

Do you have some space on your shelf for a shiny trophy? You’d better be prepared because the Tournament is back on… June 16th, 2021!

🌎 Regional Qualification Rounds

The first step towards eternal glory is getting a spot in the Finals and that is when the Qualification Rounds come to play. There will be 4 region-based gameworlds named: America, Arabics, Asia and Europe. You can participate in every Qualification gameworld, but you can only win one access to the Finals.

All Qualification gameworlds will be 2x speed, 5 tribes, map 801 x 801 with the Wonder of the World and… version 4.6

Check out the full server details in our Tournament section ➡️ HERE ⬅️

🆕 Version 4.6 

Version 4.6 was introduced on all new game worlds starting from March 15th, 2021. This version brought exciting new features such as:

  • The hospital to heal your wounded troops
  • A new task system with more rewards and village-specific tasks
  • Changes to oases in early-game
  • A way to rearrange buildings

All these exciting changes will be transported to the Tournament for the very first time. If you need more information about Version 4.6 and those specific features, please read ➡️ HERE ⬅️

In addition, thanks to the players’ feedback we recently collected, Tournament game worlds will be running on the same technical setup as last year to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

📜 Tournament Conditions

Every year we refresh and update our Tournament Conditions, so make sure you read them carefully before joining. Download the PDF ➡️ HERE ⬅️

There are a couple of important changes regarding Gold Transfer Links that need your attention:

  • Gold Transfer for Qualifications 2021:
    Inbound: only transfers from Qualifications 2021 gameworlds are possible
    Outbound: all 4.6 gameworlds 
  • Gold Transfer for the Finals 2021:
    Inbound: only transfers from Qualifications 2021 or from the Finals 2021 server possible.
    Outbound: all 4.6 gameworlds

What is the reason behind this change? To ensure that Finals’ gold will be transferable to next year’s Tournament, we needed a fresh start which resulted in these brand new conditions.

And now, a couple of useful reminders:

  • The Refer-a-friend system is disabled both on Qualifications and on Finals rounds.
  • Registrations to the Qualifications and Finals game worlds will be closed at a set date, exactly 10 days after the start.

🏆 Prizes & Finals’ Qualification Requirements

It is not all about eternal glory. The Travian Tournament is a synonym of prestigious prices, both for the Qualification Rounds and the Finals. Check out the full list in our Tournament section ➡️ HERE ⬅️

🔑 Wildcards

For all those people who do not manage to qualify during the qualification rounds, there is an additional chance to get into the finals via the Wildcard system. As usual, we want to keep this to a minimum. Shortly before the Tournament Finals start, a wildcard raffle will take place where every player who did not qualify could participate for the chance to win one key out of 500 Wildcards available to enter the Finals.

Sharpen your swords and get ready to battle side by side with your friends!