A Chat with Kira ~ Travian Tournament 2020 Winner

Winning the Travian Tournament is probably the biggest honor in your Travian: Legends career. It requires skills, time, a strong team, dedication and – why not – a bit of luck does not hurt.

In the 2020 edition of the Travian Tournament, this great honor fell upon Kira (or German, as he appears on Discord). He is now the proud owner of a shiny trophy and a lot of fond battle memories.

But let’s hear what he has to say about this epic experience!

Congratulations once again on winning the Tournament! First of all, introduce yourself and tell us which tribe you played in the Finals, your game style and your role.

Hello! I am Kira from the alliance BAND, part of the RU-team. I played Teutons and I like to play on the border. My role is Head of the local team.

We are curious to hear something about the “man behind the hero”. Can you tell us something about yourself?

Sure! I am 37 years old. I live in Moscow and I work in the field of finance.

Why did you choose this particular game style and positioning in the Finals?

Easy, I don’t think I can do it any other way.

How was your team formed for the Finals?

My local team is called the BAND. It has a certain backbone. Every server that we play, some players come in, some players leave. Speaking of the meta-alliance, we played as part of RU-team. But since the beginning of the server, I personally had a friendship with some of the heads of the ML&HIT meta alliance. This friendship played a significant role at the end of the server.

What motivates you to participate in the Tournament?

I like the speed, the format and the composition of the participants.

Did you know from the beginning how you want to play or did you adapt your style during the round?

The overall flow of the server – yes, in general, it went according to plan. But the WW-race was a surprise. At first, we did not plan to take WW at all. Once we took it, we did not plan to build it seriously. But when victory started to become a possibility, we did everything possible to build the 100th level of WW.

What tips would you offer to players who are thinking about building the Wonder of the World for the first time?

To participate in the WW-race, you need a team. A good and organized team. WW is the result of the work of not even dozens, but hundreds of players. And you also need to understand that not everything depends only on you, you also need a lot of luck.

Who was the most striking opponent (player or alliance) and why?

We actively conducted military operations on the border against Dacia. We also competed with them in the hunt for artifacts and building plans. And again they were our main opponent in the WW-race. There were also more numerous and stronger teams on the server, but the main opponent for us in this round was for sure Dacia.

What was your highlight in the Finals?

That sweet moment when the hundredth level of WW was completed.

Would you change your strategy in the 2021 edition?

Honestly, I am not thinking about the Travian Tournament 2021 just yet, but who knows.

Thank you very much for your time, Kira!

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