📱 Travian: Legends is going mobile! 📱

This is not a drill, it’s really happening! We are going mobile! 

If you have been watching our Ask Travian series from the beginning, you might remember the very first episode, when Ecki – Game Director of Travian: Legends – explained the reasons why an app would not have been possible at that specific time.

Well, a lot has happened since then.

It was indeed a perilous journey but eventually, the game code was updated to the current state, which gives a solid base to develop a mobile app for our beloved game. Last year – and this was still super-secret – we kick-started the hiring process with the clear goal of building a team entirely dedicated to the development of the app. If you are cunning detectives you might have noticed a few Unity Developer job offers popping up on our company website.

Finally, we are ready to disclose more: the project just left the pre-production phase and is now about to start officially.

What does that mean?

The pre-production phase is in fact an evaluation phase where the team focuses on the research, evaluation, planning, and prototyping of first screens. As soon as the fundamental parameters are evaluated, the production can start. At first, the main focus is on a few core features to be able to release a prototype that can also be tested with players. After that, we plan to continue with the app development to include all the features that are already present in the browser version with the support and feedback of the community.

What do we want to achieve with this?

The primary scope of the Travian: Legends mobile app is supporting our most engaged players when they are not in front of a computer and allowing them to access the game wherever they are.

At this point, we bet you are all saying: “This is exciting but when is this app coming out?”

At the moment we are unable to pinpoint a release date. The amount of features has grown throughout the years and we have not reached a permanent production velocity. As a result, quantifying how long it takes exactly to rebuild everything and catch up with the features that are implemented in the game during production is hard to tell. Nevertheless, we aim to provide a timeline by the end of the year.

We know that containing your excitement is hard and we are aware you have a lot of questions spinning in your head. We currently do not have all the answers but we still encourage you to comment on the news here. On our side, we promise to keep you updated as often as we can!

We hope you are as excited as we are to embark on this journey and we look forward to hearing your feedback in our Discord channel!

Your Travian: Legends Team