GAME UPDATE ~ Upcoming Improvements

Thanks to your feedback, we have been working on some improvements that will be coming to all new gameworlds that start after May 1st, 2021.

Hero gets the horse! 🐴

The first 10 hero adventure rewards have now a fixed order. The first reward is the Horse. Due to the changes made to the game with version 4.6 (bounty for killing animals in oases) the early game would become drastically different for those who were lucky enough to unlock the horse earlier than the rest and gained a huge advantage over others players that were not so fortunate.

So we’ve decided to change that to provide everyone with a more reliable starting experience. There is no random factor anymore. This is the order on which you will receive your first 10 hero adventure rewards:

1. A horse

2. Resources

3. Units

4. Silver

5. Ointment

6. Book of wisdom

7. Resources

8. Silver

9. Cages

10. Only experience

⏱️ Game rounds will end faster! ⏱️

Another popular request from the community was to reduce the length of a game round to avoid long times between the phases of the gameworld and make them more dynamic. After listening to your feedback we have decided to reduce the time every round of Travian: Legends lasts.

Artefacts spawn date, Building Plans spawn date and the date when Natars will build their own Wonder (to end the server if players don’t do it) will all happen earlier than before. As a result, the gameworld’s duration is shortened.

Setting Speed Current values New values
Artefact spawn time x1 100 days 90 days
Building plan spawn x1 200 days 180 days
Server ends with Natars winning x1 350 days 250 days
Artefact spawn x2 50 days 45 days
Building plan spawn x2 100 days 90 days
Server ends with Natars winning x2 175 days 160 days
Artefact spawn x3 34 days 30 days
Building plan spawn x3 67 days 60 days
Server end with Natars winning x3 116 days 95 days
Artefact spawn x5 20 days 18 days
Building plan spawn x5 40 days 36 days
Server end with Natars winning x5 70 days 71 days
Artefact spawn x10 10 days 9 days
Building plan spawn x10 20 days 18 days
Server end with Natars winning x10 35 days 35,5 days

Get in while you can!

Registration for new players to the gameworlds will automatically close after a certain time.

This was something that was brought up by our Ambassadors. They received reports from players that encountered situations when another player was abusing the Beginners Protection to disrupt the beginning of the Artefact phase. By closing the gameworlds before the spawn of Artefacts we will ensure this will not happen again.

  • 1x Gamerworlds: 70 days after opening.
  • 2x Gameworlds: 35 days after opening.
  • 3x Gameworlds: 28 days after opening.*
  • 5x / 10x Gameworlds: 15 days after opening.*

*Disclaimer: note that this means 3x and 10x registrations will not automatically close before artefacts appear. That is due to the current planned rotation of our servers.

There can be situations when we decide to manually close a gameworld before their intended time. This will only be done to ensure we give the best performance from our game and to give you the best experience.

These are the changes coming to all gameworlds that launch after May 1st. We hope that you are as excited as we are to test how these changes affect old strategies and we wish you good luck in the battlefield!