GAME UPDATE ~ New Refer-a-Friend System

Today we want to reveal another game feature that got completely revamped and will be added to all new gameworlds that start after May 1st, 2021.

Meet the new Refer-a-Friend system!


What’s new:

  • Improved interface and visibility.
  • Greater rewards for inviting new players into the game.
  • The maximum reward for invited players is up to 2000 gold!

Now let’s look into the new system in more detail.

So, you have successfully invited a player via email or using your referral link and the player has registered in the same gameworld as you. From now on, you will receive gold rewards for each village that this player settles or conquers up to their 10th village!


How it works:

  • Each new village – from 2nd to 9th – will grant you 20 gold. The 10th village will bring you 40 gold.
  • You can get a reward for up to 10 invited friends. If all your invited players succeed in settling or conquering their 10th village, you will receive 2000 gold in total (20*8+40=200 for each player)!

Will I lose my reward if the invited player loses their village?

No, the reward will stay. However, you won’t get another reward when this player settles a new village in the place of the deleted one.

Can I invite more than 10 players?

You can invite as many players to the game as you want. You can receive a reward for each achievement level (i.e. for each 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc village) only 10 times. If some player stops developing before reaching their 10th village, another player will take their place, so you can still get your maximum reward.


How else can I support my friend in the game?

When your friend registers via your referral link, they will be offered to join the same sector that you chose, as long as it’s not overcrowded. You can also monitor their development in a nice brand new overview and offer them help or give advice if you see that they are stuck in their development.


The rest depends only on you! And now…

Sharpen your swords and get ready to battle side by side with your friends!