UPDATE! Game Rule Changes

As many of you know, in July 2020 we started working with the Ambassador advisory board on a very hot topic for the community: tech accounts. Today we want to announce that we are finally ready to release an amended set of game rules that covers these topics.

Below you can find the list of rules that will be changed. The list is also available on the “Game Rules” page on the travian.com website here.

Reference to the General Terms and Conditions has been adjusted.

  • §1.1. Changed number to §1.1.a
  • §1.1.b added to implement the restriction on private farms.
  • §1.7 added to cover edge cases in game design abuse.
  • §5 contains adjusted phrasing.
  • Religion added to §6.4.
  • §6.8 added to cover edge cases regarding inappropriate content.
  • Explanation added to §7.2 on the ban review process.

Here you can also find an overview of what we have done already to tackle the multi-account and tech account issues and what is already implemented in the game:

  • Back in August 2020, we expanded the reach of pushing protection within alliances to also affect members of confederacies.
  • Then later in September, we rolled out changes to the punishments making them more severe.
  • Moreover, we limited the possibility of sitters to only members of the same alliance/confederacy and recently even made stricter rules for sitters which you can read here.
  • With the release of the 4.6 update, we made changes to oases and vacation mode, further addressing the issue with tech accounts.

With the new §1.1.b rule, the Ambassadors and the game team want to combat the private farms outside of alliances and confederacies which are not subjected to our pushing limitations.

These rules take effect from today, March 23rd, and we expect players to change their behaviour regarding private farms immediately after this announcement has been made public. We will then start to punish accounts that don’t follow the new §1.1.b rule from April 6th by drawing on the data from the previous weeks.

If you want to report a player who is breaking the rules, please use the in-game report functionality provided in the player profile who you want to report. Choose “Other” as a category, and make sure you add a comment with the reason for the report, e.g. “private farm”.

We hope that this change to the Game Rules helps all players have a better experience as we continue to listen to your feedback.