Stricter Rules for Sitter Accounts

Hello dear players,

We are happy to share with you the release of some changes coming to the game at the following dates and gameworlds:

  • 04.03.2021 ~12:03 UTC+0 NYS
  • 04.03.2021 ~14:03 UTC+0 COM
  • 05.03.2021 ~14:03 UTC+0 Late Summer Special, Midsummer Special, Shadow Empires
  • 08.03.2021 ~10:03 UTC+0 Finals

These changes were requested by the Community and discussed with our Ambassadors and aim to fight against tech and multi-accounts.

We are implementing stricter rules for accounts that are almost entirely managed by sitters.

Currently, every account whose owner (s) does not log in for more than 21 (uninterrupted) days has its sitter access disabled. This rule it’s going to be implemented because it’s okay for a sitter to help manage an account but it’s not okay if an account is run entirely by a sitter.

So we are tightening the rope for those that abuse the feature.

After the rollout not only will the maximum number of days be reduced to 14 but also it will no longer refresh entirely after one single login from its owner (s).

This is how it works:

Every account starts with 14 days of owner inactivity allowance. (A sitter may log in at any time without affecting this allowance)

For every day that any of the SITTER IS ACTIVE on the account AND any of the owner(s) of the account ARE NOT active, 1 day is subtracted from the allowance.
For every day that any of the owner(s) of the account ARE active, 1 day is added to the allowance, regardless of sitter activity.
If both OWNER(S) and SITTERS are NOT active, no allowance is added or subtracted.

To make it simple:
If only owner is active = +1 day
If owner and sitter is active = +1 day
If only sitter is active = -1 day
If nobody is active = nothing

Once the account reaches 0 days of owner inactivity allowance, the sitter’s access will be revoked.

Here are some other details about the rework of this feature:

  • Accounts will not be able to gain more than 14 days of owner inactivity allowance.
  • Whenever the allowance is running out (3 days left) a permanent infobox will be displayed for anyone that manages the account to remind them.

For most players, this rule won’t be affecting them much, but overall to maintain the ability to have a sitter in your account you must ensure you and your duals are active at least as much time as you do not. Just become active as much as your sitter does and it will be okay.

Overall, for situations where you won’t be able to be active in your account, we recommend you continue using the Vacation feature.

These changes will go live for all game worlds including the ones that are currently running.

Your Travian: Legends Team