Travian: Legends 4.6 ~ All you Need to Know

The wait is finally over! After a year of hard work, we are ready to reveal an epic milestone: Travian: Legends Version 4.6.

Big news, right? At this point, you’re probably wondering what it’s all about and when this is going to happen. Let’s start with when. This new version will be active on all new game worlds starting from March 15th, 2021! This change will have a positive impact on the way the community interacts with the game. Meeting new friends will be easier and overall it will make the Travian: Legends experience even more fun!


After testing it on the PTR and the 7-day server, we are ready to implement a new back-end technology that will allow the development team to be more flexible when it comes to deploying features, scaling, and managing game worlds. As a result, the game will be even more stable.


It’s time to say farewell to local domains. After a few years of testing, we’ve decided to switch to a regional approach. From March 15th, servers will be organized into 5 regions: America, Asia, Arabics, and Europe – affectionately referred to as the Fantastic 4 – with 3 tribes and International with 5 tribes.


As we realize that some of you are very attached to the local domains, we have decided to run an additional round of the 1x server for each local domain, starting from February 15th. You can find all the starting dates in the .

To support this change, we’ll also update the registration and login pages, so that you’ll get a better overview and can pick your favourite region to play in.


With Version 4.6, all game worlds – including International – will feature our small map (size: 401 fields x 401 fields). Now, don’t panic. We’re aware that one of your biggest concerns with the small map is the availability of nice croppers. Don’t worry, we’ve got this covered! We have increased the availability of 15 and 9-croppers for you to comfortably settle. And, well, to be conquered later on.


Starting from March 15th, the game interface of every new game world will be available in your preferred language! No more Google Translate for reading building descriptions or anything else on the user interface.

And it goes without saying that you’ll be able to reach Customer Service in your preferred language in any new regional game world.


Our goal behind moving to a regional setup is to tackle a few concerns that have been raised by the community over the years, such as the general game-world population and the game world start frequency. This change will tackle both issues at the same time. But the cherry on top is that we’ll also be able to offer more variety when it comes to game world speed.

As standard, every region will have game worlds with the following speed factors: 1x, 3x, 5x, 10x.

Server rotation is planned as follows:

  • 1x America, Arabics, Asia (5-week rotation)
  • 1x International, Europe (4-week rotation)
  • 5x – 10x America, Arabics, Asia, Europe, International (32-week rotation, One per month – either 5x or 10x)
  • 3x America, Arabics, Asia (15/16-week rotation)
  • 3x International, Europe (8-week rotation)

The server rotation is not a strict schedule. We may increase the frequency of servers in function of the community needs or delay servers to make space for special servers such as Tournament or the Annual Special.

To clarify, what does a 5-week rotation mean?
Picture a calendar, like the one you have hanging on your kitchen wall. On the first week of the month, you’ll see a server start for America 1x; on the second week you’ll see one for Asia 1x, and so on. In the first week of the following month – which is the 5th week – there won’t be any starts for a “Fantastic 4” region. While in week 6, the rotation of the “Fantastic 4” will start once again. Does that make sense?

If you read carefully, you might’ve noticed that the 3x International region runs on an 8-week rotation, instead of the usual 16-week rotation. This means there will be two 3x speed game worlds in the International region running in parallel.

That’s the rotation mechanism in a nutshell. It might sound confusing at first but as soon as the game worlds’ starting dates are available, we will publish them on the  and everything will be much clearer.


We know truces are a sensitive topic and of course, moving to this new regional approach will have a visible impact. While we value the importance of local celebrations and holidays, we also need to avoid having one truce per month. This is why we want to set the record straight from the beginning and tell you already which truces will happen in which region. Below you can see a nice explanatory table.

Now it’s finally time to talk about the gameplay changes that will be implemented ONLY on these new regional game worlds. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, we know.


After some tests and several tweaks, the time has come to officially release the new task system globally.

If you’re not already familiar with it, the new task system contains many different tasks that can be completed throughout the game, not just at the beginning as the current one. Each village has specific tasks to be completed, as well as general tasks for the whole account. Each task has multiple levels that can be achieved.

For example, a player may be required to build a Main Building level 1, then upgrade it to level 3 and then to level 7, and so on.

Rewards are simplified compared to the old task system. The reward for a completed task is always a certain number of resources (the same amount of each type of resource) and hero experience. The size of the reward depends only on a few factors:

  • Each task type has its own reward multiplier
  • Each subsequent task of the same type grants a bigger reward
  • Hero levels grant an additional bonus to all rewards

The feedback we collected from the test game worlds and from the new year special led us to implement some substantial changes to the system, which resulted in nerfing the Egyptians’ powerful early game, slightly nerfing what we call the “Town Hall-focused strategy”, and boosting a healthier production-oriented approach.

Regarding the tasks, you can expect the following changes:

Task Old levels New levels
All woodcutters Level 2 (4, 7, 10) Level 2, 3, 5, 8, 10
All clay pits Level 2 (4, 7, 10) Level 2, 3, 5, 8, 10
All crop fields Level 2 (4, 7, 10) Level 2, 3, 5, 8, 10
All iron mines Level 2 (4, 7, 10) Level 2, 3, 5, 8, 10
Town Hall Level 1, 3, 7, 12, 20 Level 1, 10, 20

The cost of Egyptian settlers has been changed as follows:

Value Old value New value
Lumber 4,560 5,040
Clay 5,890 6,510
Iron 4,370 4,830
Crop 4,180 4,620

Does the nerf seem too small? Well, in order to train settlers, Egyptians will now also need an additional Warehouse compared to before. This will ideally make all tribes equal when it comes to the early game contest for good croppers.

Additional information about the new task system can be found ➡️here⬅️.

This is not 100% final. We’ll add and tweak more tasks in the future. We have already collected some nice ideas from the latest survey and we would like to analyze even more data, once several game worlds start with the new task system. These changes won’t happen in March, but later this year.


The early game is an essential phase; it sets the foundation for the future of your empire. Over the years, we have seen an increasing number of not-so-fair techniques to boost the early start of – let’s call them – friends.

Thanks to the help and hard work of the Ambassadors Group, we believe we’ve found a good solution that won’t affect the normal gameplay but will stop certain behaviours that are considered unfair by the majority of the community.

Let’s analyze the current situation surrounding oases:

  • Oases have resources at the start of the game world.
  • Oases have a “spawn set” of nature troops.

What are we going to change?

  • Oases are created without any resources.
  • Whenever a nature troop is killed, a certain bounty reward is added to the hero inventory depending on the nature troop supply.
  • This extra bounty will be clearly shown in the raid/attack report.
  • Oases’ resource production starts once all the animals that originally spawned on the oasis are removed – either through combat or capture.
  • Note: The hero does not need to take part in the battle. The reward is granted even if all attackers – including the hero – are killed.


Yes, yes, yes! We know you love conquering other players’ villages, but we are also aware that sometimes you really don’t like their taste for building positioning. So, no more of that! For 20 Gold you’ll be able to rearrange all the buildings once per village to your preferred position. Take your time and place them where you really want them. Gold is charged upon saving the new village layout.


This is another controversial topic that was discussed thoroughly with the Ambassador group. While we believe vacation mode is necessary, we also recognize that it can be easily abused to prevent others from playing normally. Thanks to the help of the community, the Ambassadors, and the developers, we have decided to add additional restrictions on top of the existing ones.

The following restrictions will be implemented in Version 4.6:

  • A 12-hour cooldown is added to the “abort” action, once vacation starts.
  • A 12-hour cooldown is added to the “start vacation” action, once vacation ends (regularly or after being aborted).
  • The number of vacation days is reduced to 15, divided by the server speed.
  • Entering the alliance donation page during vacation brings the player to the “abort vacation mode” page (like all other sanctioned actions).
  • Annexing an oasis in the last 48 hours blocks the player from entering vacation mode. The player can enter vacation mode once the oasis is annexed for longer than 48 hours or is lost again.

Game worlds on Version 4.5 which started before March 15th won’t be affected by these changes.


Prerequisites: Academy level 15, Main Building level 10.

The Hospital allows you to treat wounded troops so they can once again become part of your army. This results in the quicker recovery of losses after major battles. It’s not cheaper to heal; the costs are the same as for training new units. However, the healing time for wounded troops is half the time for training a new unit.

What are “wounded” troops?

  • When units from a village with a Hospital take part in the battle, 40% of their losses return to the village as wounded troops.
  • This works in all battles – whether they attacked, defended, or were reinforcing another battle.
  • Using bandages (hero items) does not affect this. For example, if the army had 100 losses and the hero used 33 bandages, 33 units will be recovered while 40 will be wounded.
  • Siege engines, settlers, and administrators cannot be wounded. The hero is also not affected by the Hospital.
  • Troops killed while escaping from traps also do not get wounded.
  • Only units from a village that has a Hospital at the time of battle may become wounded. Otherwise, they die as usual.
  • Wounded units cannot fight, but they also don’t eat crops.

How can you heal wounded troops?
The Hospital has a healing queue that works in a similar way to the training queue in the Barracks or Stable. Healing a unit costs the same as training a new unit of that type. The healing time depends on the level of the Hospital and it is twice as fast as training. For example, a Hospital at level 5 heals units in half the time as a Barracks/Stable at level 5 would train new units.
However, the Hospital is not affected by any bonuses to training time (like hero equipment, artefacts, or alliance bonus). Both infantry and cavalry are healed using the same queue.

What if you don’t heal wounded units?
10% of them will die each day. As soon as you add any unit to the healing queue, it can no longer die.

Healing duration: an example

  • A Barrack at level 20 builds an Ash Warden in 80 seconds.
  • A Hospital at level 20 heals a wounded Ash Warden in half of the time, i.e. 40 seconds.


As you might have noticed, we have recently updated the Gold Shop. With the release of the regional game worlds, promotions will be announced with an alert near the gold coin. In addition, a starter package with Gold will be offered to you shortly after you join the game.

Another important change is that we will standardize Gold package prices. Some of you won’t notice the difference, while others will see an overall price decrease.


Standardizing prices on all game worlds will allow us to offer you more flexibility when it comes to transferring your Gold within regions. No more scrambling around trying to find out whether your Gold transfer link is available for a certain server. No more confusion. All Gold transfer links will be redeemable in every region!

In the long run, our goal is to ease the redemption of Gold transfer links, maybe even without any email requirements.


In Version 4.6, starting Gold will be markedly increased. Currently – with the new task system – you get 10 Gold at the start of the game world. With the release of the new version and the regional setup, this will be increased to 130 Gold. Yes, this is not a typo. You read it correctly!


The Gold Club price will change from 100 Gold to 200 Gold. And no, we did not raise the starting gold to cover the additional cost of the Gold Club. There’s no connection. This change will be applied to all game worlds, regardless of speed or age. This means that even on speed game worlds or on game worlds that are already in mid-game, buying the Gold Club will cost the same.


It’s not like we forgot running game worlds! One particular change will be implemented globally. Thanks to your extensive feedback, our art team was able to tackle the two main issues you pointed out with regard to how buildings look.

Our art team worked with colour shades to enhance differences between walls and roofs, as well as redesigned some shapes and details to increase the recognizability of different buildings.

Soon the newly updated graphics will be deployed to the game, both in new starting game worlds with Version 4.6, as well as in the already running game worlds on Version 4.5.

Your Travian: Legends Team