New Year’s Special 2021 ~ All You Need to Know

The first big event of 2021 is just around the corner!

Which gameworlds will be available?

The #NYS2021 will be available in 5 regions: America, Arabics, Asia, Europe, and International. All 37 supported languages will be available in every region. Each region will feature 2 gameworlds starting at the beginning of January. Yes, you heard it correctly!

A total amount of 10 action-packed gameworlds.

What about speed?

The #NYS2021 will feature 2 speed variations. If you enjoy a more chilled pace, 1x speed is ideal for coming up with intricate strategic plans. If fast decisions and adrenaline are what you are looking for, then 5x speed is your perfect match.

What about Tribes?

By now we are aware that you like the 3 original tribes, but we also know that you like challenges. That is why the #NYS2021 will allow you to choose your favorite setup… depending on your mood.

All game worlds in America, Arabics, Asia, and Europe will feature 3 tribes. But what if you prefer 5 tribes? Then you can spice things up by registering on the International gameworlds!

What about winning conditions?

Each of the 10 game worlds will be won by the first confederacy that manages to bring the Wonder of the World to level 100.

The Wonder of the World embodies the pride of all architectural ventures. Only the mightiest and smartest are able to build such a masterpiece and defend it against envious enemies.

What about special buildings?

Winter is the most challenging season – we know that – and battling in these dark times is very demanding for troops.

This is why in #NYS2021 you will be able to equip your villages with the hospital.

The hospital allows you to treat wounded troops after combat. These can be healed and made ready for war again. Together with regular training in barracks and stable your army can recover faster than ever.

What about the conquering mechanism?

For the first time ever, the #NYS2021 will bring the possibility to keep the original village tribe when conquering a village in a game world with Wonder of the World. So, don’t worry too much about choosing the perfect tribe when you register! You will be able to play with the other tribes by conquering their villages anyway!

Friendly advice: make sure you learn the tribe language once you conquer a different village or leading them might turn out to be challenging.

Anything new?

A complete new task system will be available in the #NYS2021.

After testing it on our Public Test Realm and several tweaks, we are now ready to make it available to all of you. What is so special about this new task system?

Every village gets tasks, this means that when you settle in a new village you will get new tasks specific for that particular village. If you conquer a village, you take over task progression, and gain new tasks like “get loyalty back to 100”. And on top of that, your hero level increases the task rewards a tiny bit.

When can I start?

Gameworld details

General Information

Server URLs

Start Dates/Times

America │05th January │ 16:00 UTC+1
Arabics │ 05th January │ 11:00 UTC+1
Asia │ 07th January │ 10:00 UTC+1
Europe │ 07th January │ 14:00 UTC+1
International │ 08th January │ 16:00 UTC+1

America │ 05th January │ 17:00 UTC+1
Arabics │ 05th January │ 12:00 UTC+1
Asia │ 07th January │ 11:00 UTC+1
Europe │ 07th January │ 15:00 UTC+1
International │ 08th January │ 17:00 UTC+1

Speed 1x Speed 5x Speed

Version & Tribes

America, Arabics, Asia, Europe │ T4.5 │ :gaul::roman::teuton:
International │ T4.5 │ :gaul::roman::teuton::hun::egyptian:
Set up Wonder of the Worlds

Map Size

Interface languages All
Relevant Timelines

Beginner protection

5 days 2 day

Beginners protection can be prolonged

3 days

2 day

Artifact Spawn After 100 days After 20 days
Construction Plans Spawn After 200 days After 40 days
Natars start building After 250 days After 50 days
Tier 2 hero items spawns After 70 days (+- 24h) After 14 days (+- 12h)
Tier 3 hero items spawns After 110 days (+- 24h) After 28 days (+- 12h)
Speed Factor
Troops training 1x speed 5x faster
Building upgrading 1x speed 5x faster
Resource production 1x speed 5x faster
Troops travelling speed 1x speed 2x faster
Merchants speed 1x speed 5x faster
Auction duration 24 hours 4 hours
Artworks Max effect 2000 CP 700 CP
Artworks and Waterbucket cooldown 24 hours 12 hours
Small townhall celebration Maximum 500 CP Maximum 250 CP
Big townhall celebration Maximum 2000 CP Maximum 1000 CP
Celebration duration 24 hours ~ 2 times shorter
Culture points to settle a new village Table available here Table available here
Artifacts Cooldown 24 hours 8 hours
Additional Features
Hospital Yes Yes
Hero heal on level up Yes Yes
Resource as Hero Items Yes Yes
Adventures do not expire Yes Yes
Keep tribe on conquering Yes Yes
New Task System Yes Yes
Troops merging and forwarding No No
Gold Features
Plus Account and Resources Bonus duration 7 days 3 days
Inbound GTL from everywhere except PL from everywhere except PL
Outbound GTL to everywhere to everywhere

See you on the battlefield!