7 Days ~ Event Gameworld

We are looking for your help!

In the last weeks, our Game Design and Dev team has been working on tweaking the New Task System. Before releasing it on new gameworlds, we would like to perform one last test.

At the same time, we would also like to test an improved technical setup that should increase the gameworld performance.

In order to achieve this, we have decided to launch the first-ever 7 days event gameworld.

How does it work?

The gameworld will open its doors on December 9th at 13:00 UTC+1.

It will only last 7 days and it will feature the following set up:

  • Version: Wonder of the World
  • Tribes: Gaul, Roman, Teutons, Egyptians, Huns
  • Map: Small (401×401)
  • Speed: 1x
  • Starting Gold: every registered account will get 600 Gold
  • Payment Shop: disabled (you will not be able to buy Gold)
  • GTL: inbound and outbound disabled

And … the first 10 people who settle the second village will receive a Gold Voucher worth 200 Gold valid on any gameworld of their choice.

You will be able to register through this link once the server is available: 7 Days Event Server

We would also encourage you to provide us with as much feedback as possible either via forum here or via Discord in the channel #7days.

Sharpen your swords and string your bows, the fight is about to start!