Changes to Promo announcement

Dear players,

As you have noticed, in the course of 2020 we started having more and more game worlds in the regional set up (Tournament Qualifications, x10 Staysafe RunFast, Midsummer special, Travian: Shadow Empires, etc) instead of the local set up.

All these game worlds are special for various reasons:

  • They have a multi language option enabled which allows players to play in their favourite language
  • They are visible on the login page in multiple domains
  • They have separate Gold promotion timelines that do not coincide with local promotions

After analysing where you look for promotion announcements, we realized that the forum announcements are the least viewed, and that the infobox is your primary source of information about this topic.

Due to this, we have taken a decision to change how we communicate about Gold promotions.

To avoid confusion and make sure our communication in regards of Gold promotions is as clear as possible, from this moment onwards we won’t advertise the promotion on the forum any more.

The weekend promotions (20%) will be announced via the in-game Infobox and via email (for those of you who are subscribed to the marketing newsletters) and the flash promotions (30%) will be only announced via the in-game Infobox.

The in-game infobox will be visible as soon as the promotion is active, not before.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your Travian: Legends Team