🔥 COMING SOON 🔥 Farm List Improvements

As you remember at the end of 2019 we promised you some improvements to the Farm List. During the past months, we did some small improvements, but it is now time for us to release the most wanted changes. The team is currently working on preparing a patch that will be released in the upcoming weeks on PTR followed by a release on all the game words.

Here you can have a look at what we are going to change:

create_farm_list.png farm_list_overview.png edit_farm_list.png
moving_farm_list.png edit_raid.png deactivated_target.png
  • Rework of the collapsed view of farm lists to enable players to send farm list raids faster
  • Add the SEND FARM LIST on top of the collapsed farm list so that you can send the whole farm list with one click (with the exception of paused lists – see below)
  • Rework of the farm list view to easier edit the farm lists
  • Adding the possibility to sort farm list within a village easier, both with drag and drop and manual sorting via “edit farm list
  • We will remove the “High Performance Farm lists” feature that will be not needed anymore
  • Possibility to deactivate (instead of deleting) a farm list so that it is not sent with the button on top.
  • The possibility to set DEFAULT TROOPS for farm list (when creating or editing a Farm List), so that once adding a target to the farm list you do not need to in put manually the troop but it uses the default one for that list, saving quite some time in farm list creation

We are very excited about our changes, and can’t wait to get your feedback about it. Keep an eye on the or our Community Calendar, we will update them as soon as we have the release dates.

Your Travian: Legends Team