Codex Victoria x2 Speed – What’s new?

Once again, the horizon got coloured to red before falling into the darkness of night. The elite Roman legions, Huns hordes, Gaul phalanxes, endless Teuton armies and columns of fearless Egyptians have arrived to the battlefield to prove their power and fight for supremacy. At doubled speed. With doubled power.

Lots of things have changed since their first battles. The hospital healers have mastered their skills and now were able to heal wounded troops with incredible effectiveness. The regions are now giving their power only if there are enough people settled there and the power of merged armies was limited.

Curious to find the details about what exactly would change in Codex Victoria x2? 


  • 5 Tribes
  • Ancient Europe Map 401×401 (Arabic, International and Turkey gameworlds will be on 801×801 map)
  • New onboarding system
  • New task list
  • Advanced start
  • Hospital – see changes below
  • Conquering mechanic: On conquering: the village tribe of the conquered village stay
  • Troop forwarding
  • Troop merge


Here is the summary of the changes that will be implemented in the Codex Victoria x2 speed version:

  1. Speed x2
  2. Hospital healing speed, half of the half
  3. Gold restriction for Troop Merging
  4. Semi lock regions on low population

#1 – Speed x2

  • Troop movement, resource production, troop training, troop researches, troop upgrades is/are double as fast as on regular 1x speed game worlds
  • Culture point requirement for additional villages differs –> more information can be found here
  • Gold Club cost is 50 Gold instead of 100 Gold
  • Plus Account is still 10 Gold and +25% resource bonus are still 5 Gold, but an activation is for 3 days instead of 7 days as on regular servers
  • Server length: 120 days

#2 – Hospital healing speed, half of the half

In September, we introduced a new building called “Hospital”, where you can heal some of your units lost in combat. The mechanic was:

  • A unit heals with the same pace as it would have been build, if Stable/Barrack would have the same level as the Hospital.
  • Example: A Barrack lvl 20 builds an Ash Warden in 160 seconds. A Hospital level 20 heals a wounded Ash Warden with the same pace aka 160 seconds.

On a regular x2 speed server, troops build double as fast (see 1st point). So , the calculation would look like this:

  • a Hospital level 20 heals a wounded Ash Warden with the same pace as a Barrack level 20 aka 80 seconds.

But, we have implemented a design change for CVx2: Healing of wounded troops is halved!

This will result in following example:

  • On a x2 speed server, a Barrack lvl 20 builds an Ash Warden in 80 seconds. On a x2 speed server, a Hospital level 20 heals a wounded Ash Warden in half of the time aka 40 seconds.

#3 – Gold restriction for troop merging

Thanks to the community feedback we have decided to change slightly the design of how troop merge works when using Gold.

  • For Codex Victoria x2: Gold usage gets restricted to 50 Gold per village per day

Merging troops with resources remains unrestricted. The max-Gold amount threshold gets reset daily, at the same time the daily quest reset.

#4 – Semi-Lock regions on low population

We have decided to implement another game design change for Codex Victoria x2 Speed:

  • If regional population drops below 4000 , the region stops producing VP and doesn’t offer the regional power.
  • The region is still conquerable / unlocked / conquered / secured, the mechanics of conquering cooldowns is unaffected. The only change is, that the VP-production is stopped, and that the powers of that region is not shown in treasuries.

Example 1:

  1. The region is unlocked, but drops below 4000 population again.
  2. While below 4000 population, an alliance achieves >50% regional control.
  3. The conquer cooldown starts. Still the regional message of “too low population” is shown.
  4. 4000 population is achieved again.
  5. The conquer cooldown is visible now.

Example 2:

  1. The region is unlocked.
  2. Alliance A conquered the region.
  3. Player B uses ancient power.
  4. Region drops below 4000 population.
  5. Alliance A doesn’t get VP from that region, and cannot use ancient power of that region.
  6. Player B still has ancient power active, it is not canceled. He just cannot reactivate it after the effect runs out.
  7. Region emerges above 4000 population.
  8. Alliance A start to get VP production again, and can activate ancient powers again.

Sharpen your swords and string your bows, the fight is right to come!

Your Travian: Legends Team