We’re happy to announce that the New Year Special is coming back with its 5x speed gameworlds and tons of new features!

Domains: Arabic, Anglosphere, Balkans, CZSK, Germany, France, Hispano, Lusobrasileiro, Nordics, Russia, Turkey and the International COM gameworld will have all languages enabled.

Version: T4.5 (new User Interface, new backgrounds, tribe specific buildings, and contextual help)

Tribes: 5

Map Size: 801×801 (COM, Arabic, TR) 401×401 (Other domains)

Speed: 5x speed

Beginners protection length: 2 days

Beginners protection can be prolonged: 2 days

Resource production: 5x

Troops training speed: 5x

Troops travel speed: 2x

Travian Plus and Resource Bonus Duration: 3 days

Other features:

Sharpen your swords and string your bows, the fight is right to come!