Travian: Codex Victoria ~ Behind the Scenes: Part 2 ~ Giving Life to the Hospital

What day is today? Sunday!

What does it mean? Another chapter of our behind-the-scene special about Travian: Codex Victoria!

When are we going to read it? Right NOW!

In case you missed the first part, click here and discover the secrets behind the name “Codex Victoria”.

But now let’s talk about the Hospital, one of the most exciting new features of the upcoming Annual Special.

And it is time to get creative! Grab your brushes and your palette because you might get inspired after reading this interview to Kaj, our 2D Artist who drew the five tribe-specific hospitals.

Let’s begin!

Hi Kaj, welcome back to our blog! We are very curious to know what was your first reaction when you were told about the Hospital.

“Dammit, I thought we were finally done drawing buildings…” 😉

No but seriously, I was actually kind of excited. We had finished the last building quite a few months before, so I was a bit curious how much of the techniques were left in my muscle memory.

What kind of research did you make?

Most of the generic research was already done when we did the rest of the buildings, so the focus was on hospital-specific information.

Of course the first thing we did was to look up ancient hospitals and infirmaries, but sadly there’s not all that much info out there.

Usually it just looked liked a basic building.

As a result, we had to start looking at more modern things that we could use to make associations. For example the medicine symbol, even though that didn’t really exist at the time.

What was the most challenging aspect?

A hospital is one of those buildings that doesn’t really have a consistent shape in the real world, so it was tough to draw it in a way people would recognize it immediately.

In the end we went for the obvious symbol on the roof, as well as making the roof kind of reminiscent of a helicopter landing pad.

What is your favourite tribe-specific hospital and why?

The coolest part about designing the building was actually thinking of the tribe variations on the medicine logo, and of those I think the Gaul one was the most successful.

Any funny anecdotes about creating these new buildings?

Now and then we’ve been trying to put some tiny easter eggs in the assets we make, and the hospital was one of them.

It was always a bit silly to us that the hero is “revived” simply by using a bucket of water, so we figured it would be funny to put a bunch of those next to the building. (Yes, yes, I know, the hospital revives units, not heroes… 😉  )

Do you like the look of this brand new building? Which one is your favorite?