Travian: Codex Victoria ~ Behind the Scenes: Part 1 ~ The Name

What’s in a name?

Alright, let’s leave that deep complex concept to Shakespeare and focus on what you are all here for.

Why Travian: Codex Victoria?

Many of you speculated already about the meaning of this fancy Latin(-ish) name, so what better occasion than the very first chapter of our Behind The Scenes format to finally crack the code… Pun intended!

First of all, let’s re-arrange that title a little bit.

Code XV ictoria

Do you see what we did here?

Yes, we hid the Roman number 15 in our title to celebrate our 15th Anniversary! The secret is finally out. Clever, right?

At this point, you might think that this was just a Eureka moment of a particularly creative member of our Team, but I assure you that is the result of a structured process we have in place when we need to make important choices. And well, creativity is always the key! 😉

First step: brainstorming.

For this special occasion, our Marketing Team decided to optimize the usual name-finding process.

Instead of going through time-consuming rounds of brainstorming, multiple feedback rounds, etc. we settled for 3 brainstorming sessions to keep it short and focused.

Our Game Designer presented the content of the Annual Special to the whole Marketing Team, we agreed on the values we wanted to communicate with this important milestone and then we came up with some suggestions.

We locked everyone in a room with a big whiteboard, stacks of post-it notes and, of course, some cool refreshments.

As soon as all suggestions and keywords got placed on the whiteboard, we started to rule out our least favorite options until we narrowed it down to just a couple of strong candidates.

Codex Victoria, with its hidden meaning, was a very strong contender from the very beginning but the next step was checking with our Legal Team for potential copyright/trademark infringements.

After receiving the okay from the Legal Team, we consulted our Localization department and discussed about the correct Latin form of the name.

In case you were wondering, yes we are aware of the fact that Codex Victoria is not 100% grammatically correct. We were not sleeping during our Latin classes 😉

Nevertheless, we decided to keep it like this because it is easy and catchy for everyone. Sometimes you need to sacrifice something in the name of coolness!

But this is not just a cool name. It is not just about the marketing aspect.

Codex Victoria embodies the essence of Travian: Legends. The code of success, the path to victory, the community behind this game that after 15 years is still thriving.

That’s what matters the most.

Thank you for reading! Part 2 is coming next week. Stay tuned!