New Confederacy System

We are happy to inform you that every new game world to open its doors from August 15, 2019, will include the new confederacy system.

After its implementation in Path to Pandora, we received a lot of positive feedback on our communication platform, the community survey, and during the Legends on Tour 2019 Summit.

The decision was therefore made to implement this system in the Travian: Legends game worlds as well.

Never heard of the confederacy system? Don’t worry, you can find all the important information here:

Confederacy system

In all new game worlds starting from August 15, 2019, the way confederacies work will change. You will only be able to have a confederacy comprising four alliances, which have to be connected with each other.

What does this mean?

Alliance A and Alliance B may create a confederacy; one of them can send the request to the other, and the other can accept.

At this point, Alliance A may also want to have Alliance C in the confederacy; the confederacy request needs to be sent by both Alliance A and Alliance B, only then will Alliance C be able to accept.

What else will change?

With the new system, you can only send resources and troops to your own account, alliance or confederacy.

The public offers in the marketplace are still available for everybody unless you check the “own alliance only” option. In this case, it will still only be available for alliance members.

Before and after
Before After
Size Every alliance can belong to up to three different confederacies. Every alliance can belong to one confederacy comprising a maximum of four alliances (see details in the post above).
Reinforcement Players can reinforce any village. Players can reinforce themselves, their alliance, and any alliance that belongs to the same confederacy.
Send resources Players can send resources to any other player. Players can send resources to themselves, their alliance, and any alliance that belongs to the same confederacy. Offers on the marketplace are not bounded by this restriction.

If you are interested in additional details, do not forget to visit the Travian Answers page dedicated to the confederacy system.