The Hospital ~ Travian: Codex Victoria ~ Annual Special 2019

We are proud to introduce you to a new building… the Hospital!

The Hospital will be introduced in this year’s annual special Travian: Codex Victoria.

What is it?

This special building gives players a recovery option by generating wounded troops in combat.

What is considered wounded?

A certain percentage of troops killed in combat return to their home village as reinforcements if their home village has a hospital.



  • Player P1 has villages V1 and V2. V1 contains a Hospital.
  • Player P1 reinforces village V1 with troops from V2.
  • Player P2 attacks P1’s village V1 with his village V3.
  • Troop losses of V1 generate wounded troops, as V1 has a hospital. Troop losses of V2 are lost entirely, as V2 has no hospital.

How do wounded troops and bandages interact?

Wounded troops and bandages are percentages of the same underlying value: all lost troops.

Combat with 100 Units All “die”.
>= 33 Bandages with 33 % 33 (of 100) come back as bandage-reinforcement (no change).
40 % are wounded 40 (of 100) come back as wounded troops, if the home village has a hospital. Floored.
The rest is lost 27 (of 100) are lost.

Can all types of troops become wounded troops?

This can happen to troops T1 – T6. Siege weapons, settlers and chiefs cannot be wounded.

Can troops be wounded in any type of combat?

When troops are wounded, all participants (including reinforcements) check for their own hospital. If there is a hospital in the troops’ home village, it will generate wounded and it doesn’t matter how the troops died (defending, raiding, attacking, scouting, or reinforcing).

Wounded troops are out of combat! What does it mean?

Wounded troops are not considered troops in terms of supply, combat strength, etc

What about traps?

Troops killed in a trap rescue attempt do not generate wounded.

Wounded Troops in Reports / Combat Simulator


Wounded Line: Wounded troops have their own line in the reports, including their own icon.

Combat Simulator: The wounded line is shown in the combat simulator, assuming that both the attacker and defender have a hospital.

Wounded Troops after Combat

Wounded troops don’t starve: The wounded do not eat crop, nor do they starve in the absence of crop.

How do I heal Wounded Troops in the Hospital?

When Wounded Troops are in the hospital, you can heal them by adding them to the healing queue.

How much does healing Wounded Troops cost?

Healing Wounded Troops costs exactly as much as training the troops in the Barracks or Stable.

How long does healing Wounded Troops take?

Healing Wounded Troops takes as long as training those troops in the Barracks or Stable of the same level as the Hospital.

For example: healing time of a level 1 Hospital is the same as training time of a level 1 Barracks / level 1 Stable, depending on the troop type.


Note: the hospital queue is just ONE.

You must decide what you want to prioritize and queue Wounded Troops for healing accordingly.

Is the Troop Training Artefact affecting the Hospital?

No, the healing process of Wounded Troops in the Hospital is not fastened up by Troop Training Artefacts like Trainers Slight Talent, Trainers Great Talent, Trainers Unique Talents, Artefact of the Slight Fool and Artefact of the Unique Fool.

Is the troop training Alliance Bonus affecting the Hospital?

No, the healing process of Wounded Troops in the Hospital is not fastened up by the troop training Alliance Bonus – exaclty like artefacts.

What happens if I do not heal my Wounded Troops?

Wounded troops will die over time, until they are healed. 10% of the wounded troops die per day.

What happens if the Hospital is destroyed?

  • Healing Queue: In case the Hospital is destroyed, the healing queue continues (like the training queue for Barracks).
  • Wounded Troops: In case the Hospital is destroyed, Wounded Troops still die at 10 % per day rate.
  • Newly Wounded Troops: In case the Hospital is destroyed, no new Wounded Troops are generated. If in a combat event the Hospital is destroyed, for that combat event no Wounded Troops are generated for the defending player.

What happens if a village with a Hospital is conquered?

If the village is conquered, all the troops are wiped out as normal. Wounded troops are also eliminated. If the building is not catapulted, the building will stay in the village.