Automatic ban dialogue

Dear community,

During the Legends on Tour 2019 Summit the Customer Service team presented a new system to improve rule enforcement. The most visible part of these improvements is the new in-game “offer and accept” penalty feature. With it, the rule enforcement team can determine a penalty while issuing a ban to an account, and the player can then accept that penalty to continue playing right away! There will be no need anymore to message back and forth to get your account unbanned.

Below here, you can see how the process will look like:

1. The rule enforcement team notices a violation of the game rules.

2. They ban the account and offer a penalty action based on the global guidelines.

3. As soon as the player does an action in the game, a pop-up window appears with the information about the ban reason and the penalty condition he/she needs to accept to resume playing.


4. The dialog screen has a button to Agree on the penalty right away. When the button is pressed, the penalty is instantly executed, the account is unbanned, and the player can continue playing. There is also a link to contact the customer service team, in case the player wishes to talk further about the punishment directly with the team.

5. After the player clicks “Agree” on the penalty dialog box, the game sends an in-game message to the account which contains the information about the penalty executed.

6. The dialog box also contains information about the time left until the offer is executed automatically. In all cases, the offered penalty is executed after 72 hours from the moment the ban is issued. This means that any banned players will get back to the game latest after 72 hours, but he can agree with the penalty offer at any time he wishes during the countdown.

7. Even if punishment is applied, you can still reach out to the Customer Service team to get your case reviewed and receive additional information.

We hope that this new process simplifies the communication in regards to rule enforcement and punishments, and especially cuts down on any delays in the communication about these actions.

Your Travian: Legends Team