The Tournament 2019 is on the horizon (June 18th!) but as you all know, first comes the Qualification round!

The draw happened early this morning (our Social Media Manager was the lucky hand 😉 ) and here’s the result…

But how do we decide which country gets a dedicated server?

Due to the significant amount of players in the Arabic community, they require a dedicated qualification server, the Arabic International. The International (English) Server is for players from the countries which weren’t included in the group servers. This server’s game language and the support will be in English.

In order for a country to be eligible for a group server, it needs to be in the top 16 of the ‘active players’ and average ‘online players’ statistics from the previous year.

However, there are exceptions. As we award real prizes (soon to be revealed!) to the winners of the tournament, legal complications can arise depending on the local prohibition laws of that country such as Italy and Spain. This means that some countries we cannot invite to participate even though they make it into the top 16 and that’s why they aren’t included in the four group servers. Unfortunately, residents of these countries will not be eligible for prizes. The actual countries affected can be seen in the Tournament Terms & Conditions.

What about the prizes?

Check out this article!

Where can I find more info?

Make sure you check this blog post and stay tuned on our Forum & Facebook page!