Legends on Tour 2019 – Day 1

They are here! Our 8 Legends safely landed in Munich and we can already tell that they are very eager to discuss everything Travian: Legends-related. Some of them even crossed the ocean to join us, but they seem to be coping pretty well with the jetlag. Or maybe it was the coffee…

For the next 4 days, I will bring you behind the scenes of the most awaited event of the year. Expect some fireworks!

First on the list: topic prioritization. We collected hundreds of topics in the past weeks but unfortunately, our time is limited. There are some big topics on the list and we want to dig as deep as we possibly can.

And our whiteboard quickly turned from this…

… into THAT!

Everyone had a chance to pick what they consider the most important topics for the community they represent. It was a tough choice but eventually, we managed to tidy up the w.hiteboard. From automatization to wave builder, from tribe balancing to the endgame. Expect some juicy updates in the following days.

And ironically the endgame was actually the first topic we discussed.

What about adding an element of randomness in the spawning of World Wonders? What if construction plans were fixed instead of moveable? How long should a game world last? Is the endgame boring? What about making construction plans even more attractive for the World Wonders?

Our 8 Legends had a chance to discuss these topics with our Game Designer Jake. Of course, we will share the outcome soon on our blog, so make sure you check it regularly! It will be pretty packed of info these days 😉

It’s almost 8pm now in Munich and our Legends are ready for dinner, but guess what? They are still discussing in the hotel lobby…

See you tomorrow!