Legends on Tour – Day 4

Here we are. The final day of Legends on Tour 2019. Time to say goodbye…

But let’s face, it’s not really a goodbye. It’s more like a “see you soon”.

See you soon in-game, see you soon on the Forum, and why not, maybe even in person in next year’s Legends on Tour!

In the last 4 days, our 8 Legends worked together with the Travian: Legends team for more than 10 hours a day, but there are still several (more like hundreds!) topics to discuss and analyze. It turns out that time is never enough when it comes to Travian: Legends. After all, the game has been around for almost 15 years, which is pretty remarkable!

How do you condense 15 years in just 4 days?

That’s why this event is just the beginning of a close cooperation between players and staff, which is one of the topics we chatted about today. How does a “Travian ambassador” program sound like to you?

Ah, but before I tell you what has been discussed today, let’s go back in time for a second and talk about what happened yesterday evening.

After a delicious lasagna prepared by our lovely Martina, whom I am sure you know from the YouTube series Ask Travian, our game designer Jake gave a super-secret presentation about this year’s Annual Special.

We noticed some pretty pleased faces around the room, so we take it as a good sign. The full feature set will be presented in July, therefore you need a bit more of patience. After all, having access to exclusive work-in-progress content was one of the perks of being a Legend 😉 We will share everything in due time, don’t worry.

Now it is time to talk about today.

After an extremely (and quite heated!) productive Day 3, the day began with a workshop with the UX/UI Team. Our guests had the chance to talk about the current game interface and brainstormed on some changes and improvements.

Then, the discussion moved to a whole different topic: community management.

What are the most used platforms within the community? What is the future of the Forum? Do we need an official Discord channel? In addition, we discussed how “toxic” members are handled by community managers and how wording and overall communication can be improved across all communities.

The afternoon was mainly dedicated to meeting and interacting with the Marketing Team in the so-called “Marketing Speed Dating“.

No, it has nothing to do with Tinder, we promise. It was just a fun way to discuss a variety of topics (such as new players and the video feature) in a short amount of time: 15 minutes for each subject. We’ve got some very interesting insights to work on, mark my word.

As expected, the last part of the day was dedicated to wrapping up some game design topics. Guess what? We still mentioned Rule 1.1 😉

Oh, one more thing…

Before leaving the Travian Games HQ, our 8 Legends will join some members of the staff in a traditional medieval dinner, but that’s not for your eyes to see… Or maybe we will share some pictures at some point 😉

Regardless, expect many more updates about this event on this channel! After so much talking, we are really looking forward to showing you tangible results and changes!

See you soon!