5 Questions with Emerik ~ Legends on Tour 2019

Meet Emerik, spokesperson of the International domain in the upcoming Legends on Tour 2019 Summit!

Nice to meet you, Emerik! What would you like the community to know about yourself and your game style?

My nickname is Teutonic Steel and it has been like that for many years, but people know me as Emerik, the original nickname I had back in 2004-2007.

I am one of the ‘dinosaurs’ who survived in Travian after playing non stop for more than 14 years in a row.

Most of the time I play offensive Teuton. I like having multiple armies to attack the enemy as often as I can and compete for top 10 off ranking overall per server.

Travian: Legends is a pretty complex game. How did you learn how to master it?

It’s been a long process, of course. It’s more than 10 years. Part of the fun was/is to learn new things and grow as a player year after year. Competitive servers helped me a lot in this regard, and I must admit that the tournament finals is ‘the’ place from where I learned the most.

I moved from COM servers to Finals back in 2012 considering myself invincible and I was shocked how much I still had to improve and grow. So it got me hooked.

What’s one of your favorite memories playing Travian: Legends?

My favorite moment has to be finals 2017-2018 when Dacia won the finals and I was one of the main leaders, strategists and also WW holder for the meta.

Over the years I’ve gathered a lot of sweet memories, especially real-life meetings with other players. I visited new places in order to meet friends that I met playing Travian together for several years. I think when we go from the virtual world into reality and we can still be friends and have fun together, we can give Travian more credit. So yeah, thank you Travian for many friends and many nice memories.

What do you enjoy the most about Travian: Legends?

Over the years, I’ve managed to create and organize a very decent team of players.

We became friends and developed some sort of camaraderie. We are always on the lookout for new challenges and we also played Path to Pandora together, but I guess we like Legends the most because we are an effective team here, each member knows exactly what to do, each stage of the game is well planned ahead and regardless on the server we’re on we will have a major role to play.

It’s hard to be a noob again and we are just trying to avoid that, hence we are very loyal to Legends.

Have you followed the previous Legends on Tour event? What are you looking forward to the most about this one?

Yes, I read the blog and the forum, I spoke with Ele and Safiren about last year LoT event and I was a bit jealous of them for having this experience.

I look forward to meeting the people behind the game that marked more than a decade of my life. People are the most interesting part for me, both TG staff and also the other participants.

I look forward to meeting Panda for example, cause I fought against her in the finals last year and it was epic!

Thank you for your time, Emerik, and see you very soon in Munich!