Being in alliance has many perks (SPOILER ALERT! We have an upcoming episode of Ask Travian on that topic) and one of those is alliance bonuses.

But what are those bonuses?

Once you join an alliance, you will get access to a tab where all players from the alliance can donate resources in order to unlock various bonuses for all players in the alliance.

There are 4 types of bonuses and each of them has 5 unlockable levels that gradually increase the effect of a bonus.

What are the bonuses?

  • Recruitment: Troop production in all troop-producing buildings is faster.
  • Philosophy: Culture points are produced faster. (Townhall celebrations are not affected).
  • Metallurgy: Troop values (off and def) are increased on top of their smithy upgrade levels.
  • Commerce: Merchants have a larger capacity.

The effect of each of the bonuses depends on their level:

How do you unlock those bonuses?

Each level requires a different amount of resources to unlock – the higher the level, the higher the amount. All 4 bonuses have the same requirements and upgrade times.

Once members of the alliance have contributed the required amount of resources, the countdown for unlocking the level starts. The amount and time depend on the level. Additionally, there is a limit on how many resources a player can contribute each day, depending on the level of the most developed bonus in the alliance. It doesn’t matter which resources are donated. Only the overall amount is calculated, not the resource type.

Don’t forget that resources can’t be contributed when the next level is in the process of unlocking.

The time, limits and required donations to unlock each level are shown in the table below:

For 3 Gold, you can triple your donation.

For example, donating 10,000 resources would count as 30,000 – but you still can’t go over your donation limit in this way.

Important notes

  • The recruitment bonus is multiplied with the corresponding hero items effects (Helmet of Mercenary etc).
  • The philosophy bonus counts CP, which is produced only by buildings and hero helmets. Artworks, townhall celebrations and quest rewards do not benefit from the alliance bonus. 
  • The bonus from metallurgy is multiplied by the smithy upgrades.
  • The commerce bonus is multiplied by the effect of the trade office. Example:
    • Gaul merchant base capacity = 750
    • Capacity with level 3 bonus: 750 * 1.6 = 1,200
    • Capacity with level 3 bonus and level 20 trade office: 750 * 1.6 * 3 = 3,600

Once the bonus is unlocked, it is active for all players in the alliance, with some exceptions for new players: