5 Questions with Spartan King ~ Legends on Tour 2019

Meet Spartan King, spokesperson of the French domain in the upcoming Legends on Tour 2019 Summit!

Nice to meet you, Spartan King! We are very curious to know more about you. What’s your biggest achievement on Travian: Legends?

My name is Julien, I am 27 years old and I have been playing Travian: Legends since December 2006 and leading Teams since 2009.

I would say that my biggest achievement is the team I created in 2009: [A.S]. I started it from nothing and it became one of the most successful teams in France.

Do you remember how you find out about Travian: Legends back in the days?

Yes, I do. My brother was playing Travian the day before Christmas in 2006 and I just asked him what it was. My Travian journey started on that day.

Let’s play a little game. Pick 3 words to describe your play style on Travian: Legends.


In your opinion, which ingredient makes the “perfect gameworld”?

The game’s community.

Have you followed the previous Legends on Tour event? Do you have any particular expectations about this one?

I did, it was interesting to see the background and the Team behind the scenes. I hope we will be able to meet most of the Team behind Travian Legends and being able to move forward by correcting some of the issues the gamers are facing right now.

Thank you for your time, Spartan King, and see you soon in Munich!